Void Linux First Impression Install & Review

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I start the New Year by looking at an independent distro called Void Linux. Void is interesting in that it a rolling release, includes its own init system (runit) and uses it own package manager (xbps).



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  1. You know, you talk about slow downloading times, but you fail to realize that the installations are basically from source like Gentoo. How long does it take to install Thunderbird in Gentoo? That would be a better comparison in my opinion.

  2. There has to something wrong because i just downloaded and installed thunderbird in < 1 minute. download speeds were around the 4MB/s and installed almost instantly.

    Not sure whats going in with OP.

    edit: The creator also said, on reddit, that the distro was build mainly because of and around xbps.
    id say the installer is the most easiest ive come across during distro hopping. Building your own system from base and be able to maintaining is so damn easy with void.

  3. Two things that are irritated me about your video:
    1 – a huge discrepancy between the intro music audio level and audio level of the rest of the clip.
    I wondered have you ever cringed while watching TV and all of a sudden advertising starts and blows into your ears like there is no tomorrow? You do something of a sort with your audio mixing.
    2 – this bug in XFCE which remains there forever: the opaque desktop icons text background. This background needs to be transparent.

  4. Hello again! Since I'm new in the Linux distro world i would have a question about swap partitions. I wonder if i want to install two distros on one physical hard drive, meaning if i want dual boot, do I need to create swap partition for each system separately or one swap partition for both systems is enough? I have 4 gigs currently on my pc ! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the requested review. I have used Void for some time now….on and off… I agree with you re cfdisk…not new user friendly. Check out octoxbps package manager UI https://github.com/aarnt/octoxbps available in the repos. Here in Europe the Void repos have always been lightning fast…and I am not exaggerating. Maybe you would need to change to a US repo to compare speeds…https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/XBPS#Substituting_the_default_system_repository_with_a_regional_repository

  6. i am a long term user of Void Linux and i really love it. It's fast, lightweight and i love Rolling release systems.
    It's kinda strange that Thunderbird took so long here, In most cases i do a Network installation and for me it goes blazing fast.
    The Repos are also not that small, if you enable them all (non-free, multilib and multilib-nonfree) you get around 11k Packages, wich ist a lot for an independent Distro.
    Vanilla arch without using the aur is providing around the same amount of packages if i'm not mistaken
    and using it's own init system is a pretty major thing, all of those Big boys (KDE and Gnome) are pretty much build around systemd
    aaaand, you could go a Gentoo way with Void, with ~13k provided Packages vor xbps-src you could build everything from source if you really wish to

    but all in all it was a Great review, hope to see from ya
    wish ya good luck with Manjaro and have nice Day!

  7. pretty good review 🙂 . I'm not sure why thunderbird was so slow to download. I am using Ethernet and have 100Mbps comcast speed and it installs like arch , under 1 min. maybe it depends on location , im not sure. I really enjoy the runit init system rather than systemd 🙂 i dont have anything against systemd , i just like the fact that runit boots quick and all that. Also the way you enable services through runit is cool. like if you have dbus installed – ln -s /etc/sv/dbus /var/service , then bam you got dbus enabled on boot. i like it. I have been using this distro kind of on and off over the past few months.

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