Wacom Tablets and Windows 8 Finally Fixed!!

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Wacom finally released a driver that works in Windows 8!

Get the latest driver from Wacom’s US website:

In this video we show you how to turn of the Windows Inking system to avoid drag delays and other issues.


  1. This is driving me nuts… I have an Intuos Pro large (PTH851), Windows 8.1 Pro x64, and Photoshop CC 2015.5. Photoshop refuses to recognize my wacom tablet. Pressure sensitivity options show warning triangles saying they require a pressure sensitive tablet to work. I'm using the latest wacom driver 6.3.17-3

  2. In my case when I try to open the properties panel of my tablet on Windows 8 the following message appears :
    The tablet was not detected .
    What should I do?

  3. Hi Mr. Warren! So, back in W7 I didn't have any of these issues, but since I had to update my OS to W8 I'm now having this drag issue that bothers me a lot. Well, I use a Bamboo Capture and in my options it seems to have no "Use Windows Ink" to uncheck, my driver's version is from 01/23/2013, and I'm very desperate for a solution. I really thought this could finally help me, but I'm about to just accept that it has no solution and I should give up. Thank you very much, anyways…

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