WAIK – How to merge x86 and x64 Editions of Windows 7 to one disc

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WAIK — How to Merge x86 and x64 Editions of Windows 7 in a single DVD

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• WAIK (Free to download and use)
• Windows win7 x86 DVD
• Windows win7 x64 DVD
• ISO Burner (e.g. PowerISO, ImgBurn, Nero)

(note: Procedures are applicable to Windows Vista)

1. Extract content of Windows win7 x64 DVD to win7-x64 folder located in drive C

2. Extract content of Windows win7 x86 DVD to…


  1. Hello there i had watched your video this is what i want but the only thing that i want is to add another language at the begging of the installation to show me another language what i mean is when the first windows pops up to show me 2 languages Greek and English how i do that ?

  2. you can install a 64 bit operating system on a machine with less than 4gb of ram however a computer with 2gb of ram and a 64 bit os will be slower than if it had a 32 bit (x86) operating system

  3. Installing an OS (like Windows, Linux) requires the use of Media such as CD, DVD, pen-drive, Network etc.

    Media and Architecture has NO RELATION. Thus, pen-drive Drivers is out of subject.

    No matter what kind of Media, you can install any OS as long as this Media is bootable.

    To make a pendrive bootable use WinToFlash for Windows Installation and Universal USB Installer for Linux Installation

    wintoflash com
    pendrivelinux com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/

  4. btw way i know this doesn't involve the video or the previous question
    what happens to a USB sticks drivers if you use it to install windows (it needs to be formatted for the installer)

  5. Thanks for comment !!!

    First of all,
    x64 = 64-bit Architecture
    x86 = 32-bit Architecture

    Based on my own experience, I would say that x64 is twice faster than x86, but also means it consumes twice Memory. But it can support 48 times more Memory. (Memory Limit for x86 is 4GB while for x64 is 192GB).

    Another pros of x64 is that it can support both x86 applications and x64 applications while x86 will only support itself.

    If you have 4GB of Memory, it 's enough to run tough apps on Win7 x64

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