WARNING Linux is Spyware – Is This My Last Operating System EVER?

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OMFG It’s confirmed LINUX is now Spyware, Deepin, Ubuntu 18.04, what next ARCH, GENTOO, should we even give a crap?


  1. Gotta say, don't respect the clickbait titles, lack of facts in the vid, and the constant argument put forth that "oh if we can't completely control our privacy… then let's just not try at all". This new IT era has brought with it enormous benefits to humanity… but equally as many risks. Privacy is just one of the issues, and unless we want to live in a future borg world with a hive mind then going forward we must be smart and continue developing technologies to keep these huge corporations from consuming us.

  2. Clickbait to the fullest extent! This video in no way proves or suggests that the GNU/Linux system is inherently spyware. IΒ΄m glad my adblocker was disabled. Also, at the time of writing this comment, Linux Deepin was never confirmed to be spyware, however it does leak data via an unencrypted connection, and it has an out of date version of Chrome.

  3. Hi E.B. ! My leanings as of yesterday is to try out GhostBSD and FreeBSD, thus to try and tighten up security. I just don't know how effective this next move will be. There will be another browser of choice, other than Firefox, Chrome and alike as well. The one thing that i took notice of is that GhostBSD doesn't have a software center onboard and apparently, this is for a reason. Dragging in too many of these third-party apps can and can cause security issues as well, in especially when the source in which it is coming from just might be questionable as a whole. I have examined the default apps list that is packaged with GhostBSD 11.1 and they do seem somewhat adequate for the common user and the OS is user-friendly for the most part. I have also looked up additional apps that are suggested as suitable for use on BSD at SourceForge. Under the BSD heading, it gives the breakdown of all the various sub-libraries and their app dependencies but without the use of an installer, i just might find this somewhat hard for me to do! I just don't fool around with the terminal and scripts! It would seem to me that in order to pull in all these libraries and the app dependencies, one would have to compile all that is needed and feed an enormous line of scripts into the terminal and that is just not my forte! It is believed that the GhostBSD creator has admittedly pulled an oops moment trying to work against his own delivery deadline, ie: didn't include an apps center for 11.1. I'm just wondering just how long it will be before the next version will come forth! I believe that there is one server/desktop distro addition that is still active that has the ability to pull in and install apps to help make up for the lack thereof. FreeBSD may even have one onboard as well! Do you have any suggestions in the distro of choice that best addresses security issues as a whole, other than OS's like CentOS, Gentoo, etc that excludes (server/workstation) editions?? Curious minds want to know! HahHah!

  4. This is great. I am glad some people realize this stupidity. Most people who bitch about privacy do so on a Google account. "B-b-but that's all contained on one website!" Wrong! You can install all the cookie blockers you want, all the script disablers you want and all the ad blockers you want, Google will still know what you're doing.

    I also laugh at the fact that over 90% of these privacy schizophrenics who swear by Linux (which is great, I love Linux, but they love it for the wrong reasons) own a smartphone, which collects THOUSANDS of times more data than, say, Windows 10 with all settings turned off. Unlike your smartphone, you can opt out of most privacy things on Windows 10. You're only forced to send basic diagnostic info. Smartphones on the other hand collects all kinds of data that invade your personal life, and amazingly, they don't give a damn then. Like I said, absolutely hilarious.

    If you're truly concerned for privacy, you wouldn't own a single piece of technology that can connect to the internet. Period. That's the only way to do it.

  5. The Deepin being spyware was totally debunked on Reddit. Quidsup doesn't understand the Appstore is a webpage and how that works- there is nothing within the OS that has ever been found spying. Ubuntu on the other hand is following Microsoft's path.

  6. I've got a question hopefully someone can answer. I've built my own arch distro (wasn't impressed), and I've used just about every distro known to Linux. I keep coming back to mint and Ubuntu. I have a work flow that just needs the OS to get out of my way so Debian based os's (not debian) suite my work flow. In your opinion what Debian based OS would suite my privacy and work flow??

  7. When we first started Peppermint privacy and security was always in our thought process. That was one of the reasons why we removed most of the preinstalled ICE SSB sites starting with Peppermint 2 with full implementation in Peppermint 3 and 4. Although I’m no longer involved with Peppermint it’s good to see that they kept this going.

  8. no they can't get your data. That's the funny thing. FBI failed to decrypt that one guys iPhone, as Apple decided not to assist them with it.
    And in Germany, the software piracy scene is full with people who's PC is sitting at the police for years. With a still encrypted hard drive.

  9. So Deepin was finally caught! Well sh**. I'm glad they were actually Bob. To be honest we suspected this a very long time. Deepin Linux Origins were sketchy from the beginning.

    There are still going to remain several Linux Distros we can use that take a stand on data mining and tracking. To be honest most if not all Ubuntu based Distros aren't doing any data mining.

  10. If you're ONLINE, you have no privacy. I don't care what OS you're using. It's far more important to use a VPN and control the flow of data into and out of the computer than it is to use a particular operating system. Pick one that suits you and go on doing good for yourself and those around you!

  11. What garbage, there's another wise saying. We ll go to he grave eventually but you don't ave o dig the hole. If everyone ad your attitude to just roll over then many would have died for nothing. Goodbye Bob, you have lowered yourself.

  12. I mean i get it and dont get it at the same time privacy is a thing of the past. Your isp knows and if you use it google know everything about you what you search for what you watch what bank your with your credit score what porn you fap to etc they know it all. Having a app collect my browsing data does not really bother me and their is an option to turn it off it is a shame you have to opt out of it i would much rather have it set to you have to opt in but it is what it is. MS want everything including dental records and blood type,Ubuntu etc want to try to sell me shit i know which one am going to go with

  13. I agree with you Bob, privacy is impossible if you use a google network. ore face book.
    have you noticed if you go on amazon, then go to YouTube, you get adverts for what you was looking at on amazon, and same with ebay, remember to all way delete cookies, and web history, after shopping, that's just one step to stop spreading your data all over the net.
    Great video Mate :o)

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  15. Hi Bob glad you done this video but if you still not 100% sure about spyware in some linux distros you should take a look at Extern OS .
    Deepin and Ubuntu have nothing on Extern os this distro really beats the crap out of Windows 10 for spyware it makes Win 10 look like a babe in arms.
    Please Bob do us a video on Extern OS.

  16. I'll agree with most of your points here, sure you can be 100% private but what are you losing in the process, well one everythings going to be crazy slow since you need to go through tor (though as an intresting side note you can actually watch youtube on tor), you'd have to reject ALL propritary software and a lot of open source software making your computer far less useful and you'd have to disconnect yourself from the world by not using any social media, messaging apps or really a phone of any kind, for what? stopping companies taking your usage habits to sell you products your actually intrested in? give me a break, yes there is some information worth keeping private, but obssesing over whether Ubuntu or Deepin collects a small amount of system information? come on guys…

  17. Hi, Bob. Glad you covered this, but wish you'd carried on reading about it. xD My thoughts here are:

    Just because a lot of people are committing murder, doesn't mean everyone should just go out on a killing spree!

    I think that, saving yourself the grief, by just using whatever and to hell with your right to your own business, is selfish, if the bigger picture is considered: what about people to whom their privacy is very important, perhaps even to their own life? What about our kids, and their kids? What about several generations down the line?

    Don't we owe it to them, to make ourselves heard now, to save future pain?

    Obviously, speaking of rights, you have the right to do whatever, but I still think that suggesting we all just plunge our noggins in the sand is not the way to go at all; might not mean a huge deal for us, but who knows who'll be affected further down the line.

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