Was Windows 8 Really That Bad?

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Windows 8 received a lot of hate after it’s original release. But was Windows 8 really that bad? I answer that in this video.

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  1. Yes, it was the worst piece if shit i've ever used. BY FAR the worst windows of them all. Fuckin IN THE TRASH, RIGHT NOW. I don't want my pc to be a phone, god damn it. People who made this need to be fired.

  2. My only issue with Windows 8 and 8.1 was forced updates. If you're computer needed to update, you could either do it then, or wait 15 minutes and it would do it for you. It never cared what you were doing, it just forced you to stop everything and update. Other than that, I had no major issues with it.

  3. I"ve personally never used Windows 8 (I mean 8.0), but I used Windows 8.1 and I think this is a pretty dang good OS! In my opinion is more stable than Win10 (not telling win10 is bad, cuz I use it currently and it's fine) and the interface, even though it's a lot different than Win7/10, it's actually pretty intuitive. I installed Windows 8.0 on VM and yes, it was bad, but Windows 8.1 is a lot better and I thnik it's the most stable OS made by Microsoft. But that's just my opinion ofc

  4. What Microsoft should've done is make a more updated and gamer friendly windows 8 that was not a big step away from 7. Then they should've made windows for tablets 2012 (that would have the metro design).

  5. Metro apps != UWP Apps != Windows Store apps. Honestly, where do you even get your information? Metro was a design language, UWP is an app platform like Win32 and neither of which have to be store apps. They could be downloaded and installed without the store if developers wanted to. They are just commonly found in the store as Win32 apps aren't allowed in it.

  6. Compared to Windows 10 it was great. I will be running both Win 7 and Win 8,1 to the end. No Win 10 in this house out of 10 computers. However, Win 7 is my favorite, 8 does have a few problems, not like all the one Win 10 has.

  7. Why Guys Dont Like Windows 8.0:
    Starting Windows 8.0
    Preparing Automatic Repair
    Starting Windows 8.0
    Preparing Automatic Repair
    Starting Windows 8.0
    Preparing Automatic Repair
    And So Does Windows 8.0
    And Windows 8.1 Is Better

  8. There's nothing wrong with windows 8 but neither is their anything of value from it. Anyone who owned windows 7 would be disgusted by lack of virtual PC and the ugly icons look like a 1980eds fashion gone wrong.

  9. No not at all. But Windows 10 is horrible. I will never upgrade to Windows 10. I am running Windows 8 on one netbook. I don't have any Metro Apps because they don't run on a netbook but I use the Windows 7 software. So it's not an issue and I have Classic Shell that gives me the Windows 7 Start Menu. Plus all of the old software from Windows 95 and Windows XP including 16 bit software works on 8. I have 32 bit.

  10. Just one question who's idea was it to remove the door, the start and shutdown, the leave bottom from Windows 8? Would love to hire you! To sell this crazy idea to so meany smart people. Wow you had a salesman gift my friend.

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