We Couldn’t Complete The Updates Undoing Changes – Windows 10 Quick Fix

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We couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes – boot loop fix stuck and how to fix.

message, and your Windows 10/8/7 PC is stuck in a loop, then this post may help you.

While updating one of my dual-boot Windows 10 laptops, I saw this screen. If your system can undo the changes, it is good; you will be able to at least boot into your Windows desktop, from where you can troubleshoot your Windows Update issues. But in my case, the laptop just went into an endless reboot loop, fix,stuck….


  1. Thanks bruh I’m windows 8. But I’m sure the restore thing will work lol people always told me never restart computer when it’s updating and now I’m paying consequences I understand now though lol.

  2. This will save ur time 100%workingLog with safe modeThen Disable windows update (on pc settings)Then logout from safe mode And log with normal modeU'll be able to do it ,no more updates will show up Now that's allUr welcome✌

  3. I kept clicking the off button to switch my laptop off and on like 4-6 times, it still just keeps saying we couldn't complete the updates, what do I do? It's been doing this for hours.

  4. It used to always work, now when I try to reset it, it says undoing changes. I was planning to go on to my 2nd laptop to download windows 10 on a USB stick but that laptop just stopped working as well. What the fuck is going on smh.

  5. Yessss finally a method that isn't taking the battery out of my computer and all about plugging in a disk. Mines doing system restore right now, it was difficult to get it to that menu but hopefully it will work.

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