Webcam Windows 7/8/10 Kali linux 2016.2

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How to Hack Windows 7/8/10 Webcam Hacking Kali linux 2016.2


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  2. hey man, what the machi need vulnerable to working this… becouse I did try and say erro…. (exploit failed bad configuration the address is already use) how fix this… to work?

  3. Hi, I've got a question:

    IP-address srvhost which IP-address is this?
    Is this the IP-address from the victim?

    and when I command exploit it stops here

    [*] java_jre17_jmxbean_2 – handling request for /qjV0Cq
    [*] java_jre17_jmxbean_2 – handling request for /qjV0Cq/
    [*] java_jre17_jmxbean_2 – Sending HTML

    what do I do wrong??

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  5. thanks for tutorial. I guess that is IP of victim user who has clicked that link? and also no explanation About LPORT and RPORT setting… does exploit works without it? I have faced fail with exploit(( can you help?

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