Weekly Linux News – Jan 30th, 2018

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The Linux news of the week for January 30th, 2018!  Topics include: Linux 4.15 released, terminal-based Google Play Music client, Godot 3.0, LibreOffice 6.0, Linus Torvalds’ father running for President of Finland, and the Free Software Foundation receives anonymous $1 Million donation in Bitcoin.

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  1. "Preserving swedish heritage" = trying to keep Finland officially bilingual since studying swedish makes so much sense while you communicate with swedes in english anyways. Just make it optional idiots.

  2. I just got the Oryx Pro early this month and loving it. I can easily do my programming and video editing on it with the occasional gaming. It its pretty heavy to carry around but well worth it for the performance. Go Oryx. Also thanks for making me an open source thumper. 😀

  3. Bryan. Back when you did that series of videos on "living in the terminal" I watched the intro video & thought "It sounds cool… but I'll never use that stuff" so I didn't watch the Command line vids.
    THEN last month I had time off work so, on whim, I decided to watch those videos and dude.. I wish I'd done so sooner!! I spend like 25-35% of my time in the command line now, soon to be more now that I can listen to my google play music w/ it.
    I actually can't believe how great the terminal actually is, especially considering the fact that I was convinced it was lame and useless.
    Don't know if you know this but it turns out.. THE TERMINAL IS AWESOME!!

  4. Sources: (Second try, YouTube ate my previous comment)

    0:17 – Iris 2492

    1:25 – LinuxFest Northwest 2018

    1:25 – OSCON 2018

    3:58 – clay

    5:50 – Godot 3.0

    7:09 – LibreOffice 6.0

    8:28 – Nils Torvalds

    10:28 – FSF / Pineapple Fund

    12:04 – Pineapple Fund

    13:14 – Linux 4.15

    18:12 – LinuxFest Northwest 2018

    18:12 – OSCON 2018

    18:46 – System76 / Oryx Pro

    21:00 – LulzBot Mini

    22:00 – Linux is Badass

    22:40 – killall humans

  5. Just to clarify, Nils Torvalds is a member Of the Swedish People's Party of Finland and they ”represent the interests of the minority Swedish-speaking population of Finland.” -Wikipedia. Important note: Swedish-speaking but still as much Finnish as the Finnish-speaking citizens of Finland.

  6. Yeap, well, the ammount of people who vote for Nills Tordvals it's like the % of people who actualy use linux as a main computer in the world… life likes to joke sometimes with things like that.

    There is not really to much to do with that. :S

  7. I've been strongly considering the Serval WS mostly because it has the new 6 core CPUs, kinda waiting to see what the updated Oryx Pro with 6+ core CPUs before I get a new laptop, maybe a 1080? There are a few others in consideration, like the Aorus X7 (v8) when they finally release it

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