What happens when you install Windows 8 on a Kaby Lake system??

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We have all heard by now that Microsoft will only support Windows 10 with Intel’s new Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen CPUs. But what happens when you try using Kaby Lake with Windows 8.1? Let’s find out!

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  1. Win 8.1 pro w/media center works just fine on my i5 8400. It's been on 24/7 for the last month, no blue screens or glitches. I dual boot with win 10 on a Samsung 960 evo. I need 8.1 for WMC, as I've tried Silicondust's DVR and it pales in comparison.

  2. History will repeats itself. Everybody knows that the time that Microsoft said that will suport windows 10 ONLY. You have to be stupid to stay in old OS's. Just try to remember what happened with windowsXP and how…out of the blue.. So many security problems mysterious aphear.

  3. Fuck man i thought it would be better to play video games on windows 8
    It always says its not supported and i have a beast computer sooo
    I would like to play video games…

    GTX 1060 ummm do noo more
    then i5-7400
    I was doawnloading games so yeah..

  4. and here's me with win10 still on an oldish Q9550 haha…and a GTX780ti and it never misses a beat….oh my mobo is STILL an ancient Nvidia 790i ultra, thats a ten year old mobo….or therabouts

  5. Who in their right mind would be wanting to install Win 8? 🙂
    Definitely would stick to legacy Win7. I think Microsoft will dick us with 'updates' in the next few weeks to cripple and slow down cpu performance for any of the 'unsupported' cpus mentioned.
    I don't bother to take Microsoft seriously anymore, and have ported away from ALL of their paid software. No one needs to run Office anymore. And besides MacOS, Linux has made some decent strides to garner moving to it for good. Win10 and Win7 are only required for now with the widely available and used software in digital media, since I'm not a gamer. If you're not a gamer, Windows makes no business sense to support.
    Never paid for any copy of my Windows OSes except for Win3.1 which came on a prebuilt PC. You can still get Win10pro for free if you know are savvy. Just activated it for two AMD systems running Win7 just to future proof them from obsolescence.

  6. You said that the Ryzen has a different architecture.. Nah.. It`s still x86, It`s still RISC architecture. It`s just has different construction.
    P.S. You can find Win7 iso on Microsoft web resources.
    P.P.S. WATCHDOG timer is a part of cpu, witch watches for an uncorrectable errors during cpu working and, basically, resetting it. So, basically, if cpu stocked when executing something impossible, it`s freezes for some time, while watchdog ticking, then watchdog fires up reset and cpu just starting calculation again.

  7. Interesting 'what if', but, are people really trying to use Windows 8.1 with a brand new processor..? Windows 10 + Classic Shell and you've got 'perfect Windows'. Now if we could just completely annihilate Cortana…

  8. Ryzen works fine, for the most part on Windows 8.1, though I don't recommend it if you have the chance to pick up Windows 10. I used Windows 8.1 on my new Ryzen 5 build in order to save a bit of money since I already had a key for it and everything worked fine 98% of the time, but sometimes when the CPU was under heavy load, the system would either pop up that same blue screen that Jay was getting or the screen would just go black and I'd have to hard reboot. This happened about once a day, sometimes every other day, usually while playing decently CPU intensive games. After about 2 weeks of that, I decided to find a cheap Windows 10 key and see if that fixed the instability issues. Been running Windows 10 for a weeks now and no crashes what-so-ever yet.

  9. its not really bootlegging when the official iso's are still out there, not being on microsofts own website doesnt make it bootlegging, their still the original iso that came from microsofts servers, their just scum and wont give people a simple iso because they want everyone on their shitty new os

  10. See, I thought a lot of the doom and gloom surrounding this was kind of odd, considering I multiboot a few OSs on an Intel Core i5 4690k, and Windows XP 32-bit is one of them. The mobo doesn't support it, and XP obviously wouldn't have any special ini configs for that CPU, and yet it worked, albeit with a big hiccup regarding AHCI drivers–but once I got that sorted with some 3rd party stuff, the only other mobo component that wasn't working was the onboard graphics (who cares), and ethernet (not getting XP on the internet anyway, lol). Oh, and the GTX 1070 wasn't usable due to a lack of drivers, but I just got a cheapo single-slot GT 740 to solve that.

    Even the USB ports worked, which is apparently an issue that people run into when using unsupported configs.

  11. Dont worry Jay , I am gonna put win 7 64bit on my new ROG Hero I-7 7700K just because .. 🙂 I will let you know about it. if you want. So I wont have usb 3.1 and usb3 C I am guessing but other than that I am guessing its fine. 🙂 I hate that I am forced to use something other than win7 and with all the ISP/NSA backdoors and security holes I am really gonna hate win 10.

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