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Common questions:
What distro do you use?
On my office PC I use Ubuntu 17.10 with the stylish Pop! theme by System76.

On my Steam Machine I now run Ubuntu…


  1. This Ubuntu data collection thing is completely overblown. It's a one-time survey, and it's just information about your hardware so that they can see where they should focus their efforts. It specifically asks you whether you want to send it, and it's not even identifiable back to you. Compare this to Windows' abhorrent data mining, the preferences of which are divided across multiple settings screens, automatically turn back on, and don't fully disable telemetry anyway. Steam's survey collects more information about you (installed programs, for instance) than Ubuntu, and that happens more than once. By watching this video, you just told Google a whole lot about yourself, too.

  2. Manjaro.
    Ubuntu of Arch world. Easy to update anything, even kernel (or downgrade Kernel if something broke), and AUR support – which means if something is possible to install on Linux, chances it's already there and you can do it within a minute.
    Also, Manjaro Architect! Basically let's you have all the software you need installed out of the box, including DEs.

  3. Try Fedora! It's really stable and the same time the packages are close to the upstream. And it's less glitchy that Ubuntu 16.04 where I have wicked blinking screen when returning from suspend and lags, and in Fedora everything is as smooth as it gets.

  4. If you do decide to try KDE out (it's probably best relatively speaking). Just be aware that KWIN can sometimes cause headaches with NVIDIA drivers, such as choosing incorrect resolutions, locking mouse movement ingame, not detecting proper resolutions (mostly issue for 4k users).
    Two games where you will experience some of these issues is War-Thunder (chooses wrong resolution, can't detect 4k sometimes) and Tomb Raider (mouse locking issue).
    The problems are primarily related to DUAL monitor configurations so if your a single monitor man, then you'll likely to not have a issue.

  5. I personally use Linux Mint as my go-to distro, but if you want to get away from the debian line, then Majaro Linux is the best choice to go with. Solus has potential, but it's not ready yet, it's missing too much to be useful as it is now for gaming or media production. Antergos is basically Arch Linux that's easier to install, but there's risk in having the lastest software and updates, hence why Manjaro's delays tend to be helpful, but Manjaro isn't 100% stable either, there have been updates in the past that breaks the OS if you're not careful. Enjoy your adventures.

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