What is Linux?

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Linux can be found on everything from servers to smartphones to desktop PCs – but what makes it different from Windows, and should you give it a try?

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  1. 0:13 didn't you mean – Like the monopoly in the market back then Micro$oft?
    (apple's offerings back then were laughable and even considered worse than what the majority of people think Linux is today – which they are wrong about but that doesn't make Linux a Windows killer by any means, not even remotely close)

  2. As a linux noob. Why is almost everything unnecessary complicated? Installing software could be as easy as downloading a package and click install. But most software have to be installed by sudo apt-get install <software name>. (still not that hard) But some software is even harder to install. It requires alot of code and or sudo nano to edit config files etc. Why??? And sometimes I save instructions on how to install certain things. But with a new release its not longer working. Linux should work on being more user friendly. You cant even select 1920×1080 resolution. No it has to be done with multiple lines of code. WHY????

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