What Version of Windows 8 Do I Need?

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Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 is separated into four main versions in which there’s only two consumer versions that you can pick from, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. The two other versions have more specific uses, Windows 8 RT is made for touch screen devices and Windows 8 Enterprise is for those with businesses. We’re going to go ever each version and its advantages and disadvantages between all the versions….


  1. if windows 8 dosent come with windows media player then how come its pin to my taskbar on my three window 8 computers reply button is dissapearing????????????????

    xdboterham3 months agoin reply to Matthew Gavin
    No windows 8 has windows media player like windows 7 did.

  2. Which one is the best all in one…..???

    Windows 8.1 versions

    Windows 8.1 core 
    Windows 8.1 core N 
    Windows 8.1  core single language
    Windows 8.1 pro 
    Windows 8.1 pro N
    Windows 8.1 pro with media center
    Windows 8.1 pro vl
    Windows 8.1 Enterprise
    Windows 8.1 Enterprise N

    Which one is the best….???

  3. win8 boost a Little bit your games , it mekes them load faster and run better but not that much you can go with win7 or 8 doesnt matter wich you choose both are good for gaming i use Windows 8 and i am a pc gamer a i use win8 because of my ssd boots so damn fast! even without ssd i recomend win8 and download the start8 wich gives win8 the win7 start buttom wich is nice, hope this was helpful

  4. @logiclounge
    man you say too much in my opinion.you didnt help me.so im asking you please help me.
    im a pc gamer and i want the best version of windows 8 FOR GAMING.thats it.i want the best version for gaming and the lighter version.so what version should i install?core edition?enterprise edition or pro edition?does the core edition and the enterprise edition support 64 gb of ram for example?thank you very much

  5. Recording is depended mainly upon what hardware you have and less on what windows you are using.
    So for instance if you are having 8+ ram, decent processor and a good graphics card you will be able to record with fraps at a reasonable framrate (framrate is how many images per sechond you see and most screens are limited to 60) but if you are using an old bucked powered by pedals, it doesen't matter if you use windows 8,7 or 95, they will all lag.
    -Pjosip from TheDominionNetwork

  6. Windows 8 Pro for games and the apps Windows RT for document and to call to your friends like Skype or to use internet explorer only

    But windows 8 pro for all apps and other

  7. Q: What version of Windows 8 do I nead?
    A: None
    Win-7 is better than Win-8 in most peoples opinion. You can buy an Apple, you can run Linux, you can just use an Android device. Windows-8 is all about"I want" not "I need". Business applications are only now getting fully ported onto Win-7.

  8. i have a question. do i have to install Microsoft Office separately that compatible to windows 8 or it will included in windows 8? because i'm not a heavy computer user. i'm usually use it for standard operation. and i'm not really understand IT. but i want to learn though.

  9. Good explanation! So what you are saying is if you have your own personal network setup at your home or office that consist of multiple computers then Windows 8 Enterprise is for you! If you are a programmer then Windows 8 Pro is for you! If you are a PC amateur then Windows 8 is for you! If you own a tablet & want to upgrade it to Windows 8 or purchase a tablet/computer (mean one that comes with a keyboard (meaning ultra book computer) then Windows RT is for you! @logiclounge… Am I right?

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