What Windows 10 Services Can I Disable

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What Windows 10 Services Can I Disable

If you want to tweak Windows 10 by disabling some services, I will show you how. Remember you may need some of the services on your computer, so please check before you disable them.

Warning: By disabling the services I show in this video, you do so at your own risk. Always backup your computer first before carrying out any service tweaks on your computer. I Britec will not be responsible for loss of data or damage to your system.

Step by Step guide…


  1. i need to ask this. Im using a low spec laptop only for game & watch movie. i got nero thing runing everyday.should i disable it from services and msconfig coz i didnt use it even for once. I maybe gonna use it when i continue my study but for now i didnt use it.

  2. This is the worst video I have ever seen on YouTube. Some idiot goes through a list of services he is disabling, only identifies half of them by name, only tells you what a tenth of them do, doesn't explain the consequences of disabling any particular service, and then has the balls to say if you want to know more you can go do your own research. THAT'S WHY I'M WATCHING THE FUCKING VIDEO TO BEGIN WITH, MORON! Jesus Christ. I can't believe this went on for 20 minutes and contained not one piece of useful information.

  3. There should be a button for saying that you're just a casual user and you just want to use the computer for browsing the web. Then when you use it for complex task, have more services on. Eg button for casual user. Button for advanced user.

  4. About the Services, BlackViper website has been working on this a while and has pretty much nailed down those you need absolutely vs ones completely unnecessary, check'm out.

  5. This guy is just hacking and slashing his way through the local services directory without any explanation as to what function or importance any of these services have to your individual situation. Proceed with caution!

  6. Would there be any repercussions in disabling all the Hyper-V programs? I'm thinking of clearing it up but i'm also worried it might interrupt my gaming/surfing experience.

  7. Why not just make a text file? I can read and comprehend about 10x faster than you can speak. I do not care enough to sit through a 20 minute "video" when simple text instructions and links would suffice.

    Put #1 to #60 (listed in your description) on a webpage with links and brief instructions. And forums don't count.

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