Why Does Windows Phone Exist in 2017?

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With Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone in 2017 is barely hanging on.
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  1. Why do you talk without gaps in everythingyousayattheend..
    Does it make you getmoreviewswhenyoucantunderstandwhatyou ….saaaaaaay?
    How the hell did you get 2.7Millionsubscribersslammingallthosewordstogetherrrrrrrrrrr?

  2. Buttholes like you probably paid by Google and Apple caused demise of a smooth working OS! DIDN'T CRASH AS MUCH AS ANDROID AND APPLE! Call quality was spectacular as well, puke!

  3. I think Microsoft phones are dying definitely on the way out I think the only really big companies who are in the neck and neck is Apple and Samsung then go straight to catch up but not there yet very behind

  4. I picked up my Alcatel in 2017 and love it. Looking forward to a possible Surface phone. As this is used mainly for business I am not worried about the lack of apps as most of those are of no use for this phone. I have "Office" on this phone and as I continue to learn to use these apps believe I will be very pleased.

  5. Sad to see Windows Phone die off.  Microsoft really messed up the software.  The UI was horrible, the tile-based launcher was crappy to most, making it difficult for users to migrate.  In addition, it was a bit difficult for developers to write apps for it.  No apps no users.

  6. I loved my nokia lumia 920 back in the day. It actually replaced my iPhone. I just got an alcatel for 99 bucks…just because. I always liked Windows Phone. Actually more than iOS and Android. Loved the phablet Nokia 1050 maybe? Cannot remember the name.

  7. Lumia 950 here. Being a big One Note/Outlook/Edge/Surface Pen user as well as Office 365, l love my Lumia 950. Newer hangs up on me, the camera is EXCELLENT for pictures and super for capturing documents.

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