Why I switched to Debian with Gnome 2 vs Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity or Gnome Shell

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In this video I will show you why I switched from Ubuntu to Debian.
All Linux Geeks knows Debian is more stable. But, there are other cool features that got my attention. Gnome 2 is surprisingly light on Debian. There is this feature called Deskbar Applet, which is my new favorite for now. Global menu is also cooler on gnome 2. Compiz is a plus with its expose and stuff. Just watch the video and you will see what I mean.

My desktop is now stable, prettier, safer, and faster.

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  1. Gnome2 is dead an only perpetuates with forks. If you dislike Unity then don't use it. You don't even have to use Gnome. You can use LXDE, XFCE or KDE without much effort. You could equally just install gnome-panel in Ubuntu and get a Gnome2 looking desktop. You don't have to use Unity.

  2. Why doesn't KDE get more lovin'? I actually find it quite attractive. Aside from that, I agree.. I don't care for Unity and I am looking closely gnome 2/Debian. (Testing Linux Mint Mate right now) Unity wouldn't be so screwed up if they hadn't killed so much previous functionality… why did they have to ditch so much cool stuff to bring Unity forward? Hopefully things with Unity will improve but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. I usually couldn't care less about the desktop environment as long as I have shell access,can browse the web and watch the occasional movie I'm cool. But I recently installed Debian Squeeze on my development machine and man it was nice to see Gnome 2.x.x again. In a sense everything is right where it's supposed to be again, and it just works!!

  4. @ImageJPEG Well, since Gnome-Shell's been progressing, especially thanks to extensions, I've given up doing something from scratches and will try to work on meaningful extensions instead (but I need to learn Java first). Now website nope.

  5. @jesuisbenjamin This video is a couple of months old. In my new videos you might saw some gnome based applications like gnome-terminal which is just a terminal or gnome-panel which is just a panel, not to be confused with Gnome itself (the Desktop Environment).

  6. @jesuisbenjamin I don't use any DE anymore. Because, I have no need for them. As for drivers, make sure the non-free repos are added. You can set Synaptic to do that automatically.
    A wired internet connection is recommended during installation.

  7. Thanks man, I'm getting fed up with Canonical's Unity and Gnome 3. Now in Ubuntu 11.10, there is no Gnome Classic pre-installed, and it's really putting me off. It's so bad I'm working on developing my own DE 🙂 But on the short term I think Debian + Gnome 2 is the best.
    How's Debian with drivers and all? I've tried Fedora and couldn't get Internet right away at install because it didn't provide drivers at install. (What can I do with a computer without internet?)

  8. What a beautiful thing! Thanks for posting. I too went back to Gnome 2 on two of my computers (include my work laptop). Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 graphics performance was really bad.

  9. @philipscott9 I would love to. However, you can just modify the colors of the pre-installed GTK theme by going in your Appearance, select theme, and click on the customize button. As for the window border, gnome-look websites has a lots of them. Check them out, and make your desktop look unique to your taste.

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