Why I think Ubuntu Phone OS will fail

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This is an opinionated video, purely wanting to start a discussion. I’m a huge fan of innovation, and Ubuntu has impressed me so far, I’m just expressing why I feel that Ubuntu Phone won’t permeate the top market shares for mobile OS’s.

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  1. A year on, check out Jack Wallen on TechRepublic. Perhaps your opinion will change. Most every Linux geek will want one when it's time to upgrade – and there's a fair number of us. Additionally, Windows Phone, being a bit of a joke, is likely to lose it's market share not long after Symbian.
    You're next, ios.


  2. Meh, I am sory but you haven't gave any relevant information or fact about your claim, you are just guessing. Just remember that how android became so popular.

  3. The biggest potential for failure is the reliance on Android, specifically Android kernels, and Android's surfaceflinger. The most difficult part of updating Android versions is porting new kernels to the device (including getting drivers for said kernel). Since each device is a unique set of hardware, few devices have the same kernel. Considering how many devices come with locked bootloaders, the OEM is likely going to roll out the device with only one OS instead of supporting 2 or more.

  4. Well fail. Anyway it doesn't just run on the galaxy nexus it is only running on that for developer reasons. Any phone released after the galaxy nexus will run ubuntu os.

  5. The only thing at the moment that can bring Linux to the mainstream is a multi-billion dollar industry like Google. We are not yet ready for open source.. Not even near. Everything in it's own time..

  6. the thing with apple devices use the exact same design or display with squarish apps and all but there operating system is amazing but andriod you got widgits which give us more like.. open … use (didnt know a better word πŸ™‚ with our apps and social apps and we can change our launcher to different themes without violating the warranty and on iPhone to do these thing u have to jailbreak witch i think but not sure violates the warranty and not that many ppl jailbreak there iphones

  7. that the thing apple devices use the exact same design or display the squarish apps and all but andriod you got widgits which give us more like.. open … (didnt know a better word πŸ™‚ and we can change our launcher without violating the warranty and on iPhone to do these thing we have to jailbreak witch i think but not sure violates the warranty

  8. you make the point that "you don't know what the hardware is going to be like" indicative that it will fail compared to Android because it's wider range. Ubuntu Phone OS was not designed with a particular piece of hardware in mind, it is designed to run on any smart phone, more smoothly than android, the "ubuntu phone" is not a phone as such just an operating system, meaning it has a much better chance.

  9. There are still allot of people who have to get their first smartphone. Children that are being born right now will have the choice of 5 OS'es (5 most popular once, assuming that wont change) the same way we have 4 right now. However it is still possible that people will keep their OS and try to convince their kids or friends in buying a phone with the same Os as they have.

    But until Ubuntuphone will be available for a year or so we wont be able to see what realy is going to happen

  10. When is the last time you have used a linux PC, it doesn't take a genius to use Ubuntu, we have long gone past the days of requiring the terminal in order to use key features. I don't know if you know this, but Linux and Osx come from the same roots, Unix. Linux is based on minix and Osx is based a combination of the mach and bsd kernel. The only thing separating Osx and Ubuntu right now is market penetration. Steam wouldn't be investing in Ubuntu if they didn't see any promise.

  11. What's so confusing about docking a phone? Just do a search for Ubuntu Desktop for Android Smartphones for a walk through. Under-powered? Mobile hardware are way more powerful now our day.

  12. As long as the OS is preinstall, and they don't use the L word in their marketing. It will do just fine. Let's not forget the docking idea, you dock the phone and you get a full desktop. Isn't that awesome?

  13. The think I think is ubuntu is linux based and so is android so surely it would be possible to run a dual boot of say android 4.1 and ubuntu provided your phone/tablet could handle the capability as I already have a dual boot tablet (hp web os and android 2.3) so surely that could be an option to not completely jump ship from a pre existing os

  14. Do you think that the Windows Phone 8 OS will take over iOS and Android? When someone tells people there is "a phone will Windows in it" it is pretty convincing… πŸ™‚

  15. i also think so…i think it needs a bit tweaking..and i'm pretty sure the next gen bb10's will be on par with other high end phones..and yes i'd love to see the video πŸ™‚

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