Why I Uninstalled Windows 10

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My rant on why I uninstalled it. Don’t judge me! 🙂


  1. I'd prefer Windows 8 because it is available for all old-new devices! I also like it because it is very fast even tho it takes up 9 gigabytes of it. Windows 10 is very slow and lagging personally and its all chunked up 🙁

  2. Okay, I believe that Google should be petitioned to by out Win 7 OS from Microsoft. Microsoft need to stop their bullshit, the only way is for other software companies to buy out Microsoft OS's.

  3. Like a Ferrari? You're joking? It's as drab as a slab of concrete.
    Yes, Start menu is an ugly confusing mess. NO idea what Microsoft is thinking here.
    File Search is 100% useless.
    New control panel is an afterthought that does more to bury the settings you want than surface them.
    Automatic Updates… fuck off with that. Don't fix what isn't broken.

  4. 1000 dislikes from Microsoft cocksuckers.  Win 10 is absolute garbage.  Encroaching, unintuitive, heavy handed, LESS functionality, LESS control, LESS options.  Bloated and yet gutted.  Its a scam.

  5. Forget 7 or 10, 8.1 is a good program. And this argument is old about the GUI in 8. Many programs can be downloaded to fix that mess of a tile system and give you back the Start menu and a functional desktop. 10 is just not good right now, and I don't know if it ever will be. 8.1 has a lot of good tech and is a very stable system, quite a bit more advanced than 7 actually. 7 is good, but it is dated. 8.1 is closer in relation to 10 than 7 is to 8.1, program wise. So you get the benefits of 10, without the annoyances that 10 has, when you run 8.1. For the record, I used 7 for two years back in the day, and then used 8.1 for almost 4 years before getting a new laptop with 10. I want 8.1 back now.

  6. I dumped Win10 about a year ago. Like stated in the video, it was great when it was new. Used it fr a while and then all the annoying updates with the forced stuff started. I had enough. I went to Linux shortly after and been happy since.

  7. Terrible argument. You bought hardware that came with software subscription. You have full right to do with your hardware as you see fit but windows is property of Microsoft and having windows and using it on that laptop puts you in a position where you have to accept their conditions.

  8. I'm still running WinXP and Vista because I can't afford to buy again all my programs that work great on those OS but most likely won't work on later Win OS. Like Photoshop 6, Adobe Premier Pro, Office, etc… all expensive when purchased. I have what I need, works well, so no new WIN OS for me!

  9. how do u uninstall windows 10? it fucked up most of my games on it, it made everything tiny and I cant see shit thanks too it. I was windows 8 and it was good. I want to play my imvu game again but cant bc everything is so tiny and yes ive tried "ALL" the scaling for my compture and the game it self. NONE of it worked to help it.

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