Why I’m ditching Ubuntu In favour of Linux Mint (revisited) – Vlog

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I take a look at some questions and comments from my most popular video “Why I’m ditching Ubuntu In favour of Linux Mint”

From the Linux Mint website, “The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use. Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions and used by millions of people.

“Some of the reasons for the success of Linux Mint are: it works out of the box, with…


  1. 16:9 is not a great aspect ratio for a computer, lets be honest. The only thing it's good for is videos lol. Why can't they implement a 16:10 ratio? It makes web browsing, typing documents, and coding so much more enjoyable.

    Your point about not wanting to waste horizontal space wasn't very great. I think computers should get a little more vertical space. What's next? Cinematic 21:9???

  2. I use and like Mint. However they seem to place little or no importance on kernel upgrades. I assume the many levels of kernel updates were done for good reasons. Mint seem to have washed their hands of this and leave it up to the user, which doesnt seem a great fit for less capable windows consumer users the DTE seems aimed at. Appreciate other peoples thoughts.

  3. Thank you! I preferred the hard way: 1st try the upgrade of Ubuntu. A nightmare. Definitely, any other OS is a better choice than Ubuntu 16. Fans of Ubuntu, please, don't even try to argue.

  4. I've been using Ubuntu (the Unity one) with Cinnamon sitting atop for about a year, now. Gotta say, I really do love the Cinnamon environment, but I've encountered a number of errors with this combo, ranging from as simple as apps refusing to start up to as huge ones as complete system crashes. Lately, I've been trying out Mint Cinnamon 17.3 running on VMware and I'm really considering installing it on the metal. What's your opinion on the matter? Should I move over to Mint 17.3 or should I stick with Ubuntu until Mint 18 is out?

  5. I must say, I was an exclusive Ubuntu user until they sneaked that Amazon search in my system through an update (as in apt-get upgrade).
    There were no means of disabling it or removing at first (other than rooting in and deleting it manually). They only added the disable and remove options later, after the… disquiet… that followed.

    Well, today I am glad that happened.
    I discovered many great distributions (including mint), but settled down with Manjaro Linux for the past years.

    After using all Ubuntu versions from 8.04 to 12.10 i changed and never got back. Kind of what happened with windows: a single time I was forced to look forward, I never looked back!

  6. Yep, you're a tad long-winded, but that's OK ! Good info, and your observations seem to be reasonably well-based. …I'm SO tired of bill's intrusions ! Now, I review more about Mint.
    Tnx ! rc

  7. Hi Chris, about a few months ago i started using linux and to speed it up your videos were incredible help through the learning curve. I enjoy using linux mint and a interesting point to get out is that my laptop is running a 1.5GHz Intel dual-core processor that is very slow with windows 8.1 and since after a few years windows 8.1 will not be supported i will continue to use linux. So long story short I LOVE LINUX!!

  8. Hi Chris, I appreciate the care you take with your videos and tutorials but I am confused, are you in favour of Linux Mint or Ubuntu, my reason for asking is because I see you have also made a video titled "why I'm ditching Linux Mint in favour of Ubuntu" I have yet to try Linux Mint, but I definitely can't get on with Ubuntu, it's desktop environment and files/folders are too small and difficult to use and focus on, neither do I like the task bar on the left of the screen..I have used windows for years, I liked XP and Windows 7, but the rest, including Windows 10 are awful, so I have tried Ubuntu and now I am going to try Mint, I want to load Mint on the same HD as my Windows 10 and dual boot if I can.

  9. i am a contributor to mint ,mint is so much faster, much easier to download apps,ubuntu is controlled by canicol[misspelled sorry] microsoft controls both!!!!! therefort will never let then compete with the crap they put out ,they gave away windows 10 and now people are dumping faster than when vista came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i i am a systems program administrator for local college and do know what i am talking about.

  10. I was about to get the latest Ubuntu, but have decided to try out the latest Mint with xfce, cos I like a simple desktop with no eye-candy. This video was useful to help me decide between the two better then other YT videos on the subject. I am assuming you can run VM under Mint – I'm about to find out!

  11. I agree that Canonical looks corrupt by slipping financial gains under the radar and like u said if they were more upfront and true to "open source" then their actions wouldn’t be so controversial all the time. But thats just my opinion…

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