Why I’m Not a Linux User

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  1. Linux is simply not for everyone. Nor do the developers expect it to be for everyone. Unix and Linux are too technical and require too much programming and technical experience from it's potential users. It's for "techies"

  2. I realize this video is nearing 2 years old, but you REALLY need to do more research. I was able to run a blog using Linux Mint, and now I'm going to be writing books using the same Linux Mint.
    You can use KDEnlive and/or Davinci Resolve for video editing, both of which are pretty comparable to Final Cut Pro or the Adobe suite without the HUGE price tag, and if you REALLY need Adobe programs, you can use WINE to run them. (I'm not saying that those programs will be completely STABLE under WINE, but they are usable)
    Revisit Linux using the Linux Mint 18.x distro, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

  3. This is all moot when you can install multiple VMs of all types of OS. Your base can be anything. If you like the feel and hardware, you can buy older Mac Book Pro and install Linux OS as your base. Or have Linux as your base, and have a Mac OS X and Windows VM. Or Windows as the base, and have Linux and Mac OS X VMs. You get the point.

  4. This video is shared since May 5, 2016.
    it's been a long time. There's a lot of changes.
    I just want to mentioned that what we love and need on Microsoft is not their Operating System called Windows.
    We loved and need Microsoft because of it's Microsoft Offices that is very easy to use
    than any Offices software on the planet. Yes, Linux are not too perfect on laptop because
    some of the hardware drivers are missing like bluetooth and etc. but if I'm a business man
    or Manager I will prefer Desktop to use for my business because it is more powerful and efficient than laptop.
    back to the offices.
    We need and love Microsoft offices not their Windows.
    I know many of you today February 26, 2018 are familiar on Office 365 that can run to any devices.
    Offices are not issue today. because you can use Office 365 on any devices.
    So, this is the right time to swap from Windows to Linux.
    Because Office 365 also run on Linux. one more thing.
    Linux browser firefox is more stable. so, no problem on internet browser also.

  5. Because you don't understand that Mac OS is linux based from at least X version and widows stole the linux administration security system since windows 8-10. Games are developed exclusively on DirectX that's leaks on stability but if game creator try to use OpenGL solution they could port their code on linux (and so mac OS too) more easyly but microsoft say every year they'll stop supporting OpenGL because they want these game creator stay handcuffed with microsoft's unportable and dirty solutions. More people use linux more easy it will become …

  6. Funny, I've always had problems on OS X that required me to "drop to the" Terminal and look for answers. Latest problem I had was the APFS system not working by not mounting DMG volumes correctly. It's when knowing a little UX can come in handy… Since, you know, OS X is technically a Unix system.

    Edit: In the future I will buy a PC latop with Windows 10 (sorry Mac, yours used to be good until 2016) and Linux on Vbox for the programming stuff I do. The Windows environment still just won't do for programming, sadly, especially since a lot of the stuff I do run on UX platforms and servers anyway. The tipping point for me was really the loss of MagSafe. What a waste of good – nay great – design!

  7. Well said. I've been through several laptops I bought brand new with a warranty through Asus and Lenovo. Windows always had some sort of software or hardware issue. Tried Linux and everything was far too complicated than it should be, it took me almost an hour to configure my printer to Linux. Switched to Mac 3 years ago and never had a problem since.

  8. This video makes me laugh. Let me debunk every point… 1. Linux is not a hobbiest os. I put Solus on my grandpa’s computer. He knows literally nothing about computers. 2. Compatibility used to be an issue, but not anymore. I used to spend 2 weeks fixing stuff on my computer whenever I installed Linux. But now I just install it and done. The only thing I have to do is switch from free drivers to non-free drivers. 3. I takes no time to “make Linux up to speed”. Yeah it can take a while to customize to your likings, but if you are fine using the default interface, you just install the distro, install your applications, and boom your done. I understand why this guy doesn’t use Linux, but he doesn’t have to bring up false points about it.

  9. Try Linux Mint Cinnamon. It looks just like windows. Full featured. TRY it. It can even run on a thumb drive. Search "thumb drive Linux." It's great for emergencies since you can carry your os with you and can rescue and clean viruses remotely.

  10. Just found this video. Current Mint is worth a visit. Yes the very valid point of lack of supported software is still valid but there have been big improvements in linux.

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