Why It’s Hard to Give Up Windows Completely After Installing Linux

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This is why so many linux users tend to dual boot their machines with Windows instead of solely running Linux.

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  1. These are fair points, but my experience was quite different: I didn't intend to switch, but after coming to love Linux and discovering so many programs, features, and customizability on Linux not available to me on other platforms, I feel like I'm giving up far more when I'm on Windows. I use Linux pretty much exclusively now, not because I made a choice to switch, but because I've slowly come to prefer it and can now do everything and more with it than I can with Windows.

  2. Hahaha this is not true, I run Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc on my Linux… on Debian, on Manjaro and Arch It does not work properly!!! Microsoft Office 2016 also works properly on Debian. If a man wants to get rid of the evil empires like microsoft, it needs to deal a little bit and not allow Microsoft to fuck it in the brain.

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