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Linux is great, along with all of the various distributions that have spawned since its creation, but what about the community that surrounds Linux?

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  1. Open source is anti-intellectual. Pay for the hardware, but get the software for free. The art, skill, science and knowledge behind developing software has been devalued to free.

  2. The majority of the community don't really understand what they are talking about. So most of the solutions come from "X worked for me, but I don't care why" which inevitably creates problems if the issue wasn't exactly the same.

  3. 1. Read. The. Fracking. Documentation. (that's why many guys get pissed at stupid questions that gets asked over and over and over – it's basic knowledge and anyone with at least basic intelligence will understand that after reading the documentation)

    2. Proprietary SW is simply wrong. Why? Freedom. If you don't have documentation and source code, you are left at the mercy of the company. You buy their product (let's say wifi router) and use it. After several years they simply stop the support (they have no obligation to support that after warranty and they want you to buy a new one).. Or they go bankrupt. Or they don't care about properly fixing security bugs.. All of that happened and is still happening. But when this happens to product with open source firmware, people will simply take up the mantle and fix it themselves.

    Or let's say that you don't like something about the product – maybe there is some kind of always-on localization or anything. You like the product but you like your privacy more and don't want it.. Or company simply changes how your product works and you hate it. Open source – easy – you just fork the project at point before the change and use it how YOU WANT. And that's what matters.

    So sure – use nonfree SW, make it, sell it – whatever. But I won't approve nor support you and so will not many members of "free SW" community. And it's our right to have opinion.. no? Why would that make us assholes?

    3. You realize that the "pronunciation wars" are nothing but sarcasm and fun, right? 😉

    And no, I don't need to be friendly to anyone nor do I need anyone to use Linux which is still standing on volunteers and not payed developers. Oh and most funding is coming from big companies.. Desktop is only a minority. So even if only the core of Linux community used Linux on desktop, it would still rule supercomputers, servers, IoT, embedded devices and smartphones.

  4. Honestly, I have to agree and I think it goes beyond just the forums. Stahlman and co. only polarize the community. The FSF is sexist and overrun with idealogues, who are so focused on the politics of software that they never get around to making it better. I was super interested in doing an internship at the FSF and all they wanted from me (as a lady) was to get their coffee and clean their offices. Needless to say it was a huge disappointment and now I'm writing proprietary software.

  5. I had bad experiences with some members(the usual RTFM) of the Linux community, but I also had some good experiences.
    Chase I think every user-oriented distro(Ubuntu/Mint…etc.) should have visual tutorials on how to use the system. These must be short and precise otherwise the user is gonna get sick and abandon watching them.
    I think the community must become more user-friendly and also the users must learn the basics and ask only about the stuff they are stuck with like for instance installing a new device that's not running.
    One of the reasons Linux is complex for users is the fact that it was made to be a server, even though Ubuntu and others had great success in turning it into a functional Desktop. But there is more that needs to be done to make it even more functional.
    I think the Linux community is under great pressure from governments, I heard that Linus was once approached by the N$A for some kind reason.
    Anyways, Linux community needs help and support, users also need help and support, so let's find solutions to these 2 problems.

  6. The problem with this argument is that all of the common things to ask are documented already. The reason people tend to act like this is that because they literally did zero work in advance. A simple google search will get you 99% of the answers most people will ask starting Linux. If a person fails to put any effort into learning the simple tasks all it does is flood forums with useless info. Most of the time these topics are stickied in the very forum they posted the question in. Read the stickies, read the Wikis, do some googling. If the issue has not been solved at that point, ask away but list off the things you tried already. And these issues are not a Linux community issue only. You see the same thing on car forums where people come in and ask stupid questions that could have been answered just by opening the manual that came with the car. Or a google search. I am part of a rotary car forum. We have stickies for all the common questions and issues. All have tutorials and links to get you what you need. If you fail to read those first, the thread gets deleted and a PM is sent with the sticky linked. Repeat offenders get the ban hammer. This way the forums are not filled with a thousand questions on the same subject. As long as a person puts forth the original effort to get things rolling, you wont find much resistance or backlash. And that's for the Linux or any other community.

  7. I actually don't think linux community is particularily rude. If you go in a windows forum and ask some weird question like "where is the 'start' button on my monitor" then people will most likely laugh at you as well. This might not be nice but it is expectable when interacting with human beings. It's nothing special in making fun out of people who don't know how to use google and more importantly in this context is, it isn't special for the linux community as an entity.
    I am relatively new to linux and I can't say at all that people were unkind to me and my questions. Quite the contrary, most people congratulated me for finally using a reliable operating system. Tbh, the only people who were unkind have been windows users by calling me nerdy. So yea…I really have no idea what this whole video is about.

  8. I agree and disagree with this video. First, let me tell you why I agree. As a Linux user, there are some Linux users who act like dicks to any Windows user and other Linux users. So as a Linux user, I don't understand why they don't do that and it's uncalled for. Now for why I disagree with this: I disagree, too, cause not all Linux users are horrible people. Some Linux YouTubers tend to generalize all Linux users as trolls when, 1) They're on the internet and 2) Not everyone is going to be kind and courteous to them. Some Linux users just want to help out others, including newbies. In my opinion, I just think it's dumb for people to stop using distros just cause of nasty YouTube comments or forums they visit online.

  9. What is this hostile linux community that i see everywhere. I started using linux 3 years ago. The biggest thing i noticed was that there are a lot lazy people (across all platforms) that dont want to research how to do stuff but instead want to be spoon fed. Ive had issue with display networking and installing of software and just investigated online sources for 5 mins and find the answers. Its not that hard. The worst thing with these lazy people is that they make searches harder in the long run with so many extra search results.

  10. By and large the Linux community sucks ass. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part you are correct. These days I only use Linux and OSX for my personal use but I stay as far away as I can from the so called "Linux community". The ppl you speak of look down on anyone not using Linux like they are less intelligent. They don't want the community to grow, they want to be able to look down their noses as ppl that can't figure things out. Not even realizing that 99.999% have zero fucking interest in learning how to trick their OS into running some of the time. Damn Stallman shills

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