Why Windows 10 Sucks

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Windows Vista showed us that something that has been labeled as bad by the media is likely to suffer from a poor reputation, even if it is a good product. Can the opposite also be true? Find out in today’s video on why Windows 10 sucks.

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  1. All of the reasons that you give for why "Windows 10 sucks" is just stupid opinions that would not matter to the average person, the reasons listed are for people who like to complain and you honestly give no real reason as to why it "sucks." I am a gamer and I intend to use Windows 10 to game, this video just wasted my time with "Oh windows 10 doesn't look as cool" or "Oh I liked windows 7's control panel better" underline the I in that quote cause those are preferences. "I thought your video was poorly edited and made."

  2. Does anyone know what I can do about the volume for my external speakers? They used to have great volume, but it's like the volume dropped on them. I'm having to turn them up higher than I have before, and the volume is maximized. What can I do?

  3. Yesterday it automatically started downloading a Windows 10 update that I did not want, a big white and blue notice shows up on my screen sort of like the virus warnings you get from certain websites and suddenly I'm scrambling for the "Cancel" option (which I didn't even have) and the whole thing froze while I was writing. Never seen that window before, it freaked me out the way it popped up.

    It was hilarious because it was like a self-destruct countdown showed up lol! OH SHIT! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MICROSOFT! NOOOOOOO! NOT NOW!!!! Progress bar suddenly jumps from 10% to 30%, FUCK! Its downloading! Its like I'm trying to save Windows from Windows itself. Nobody really owns Windows 10. They own you.

  4. I like the Windows 10 layout or how it looks but i've had it 2 times and i had to switch back because i had all sorts of problems with it i might upgrade to windows 8/8.1

  5. This fucking sucks. I list 2 weeks of work to a windows 10 crash cuz it bugged and i had to use a restore point to get back to 2 weeks ago (from then), and i lost a ton of work and over 400 points (brought an A down to a C+)

  6. I have 10 on a PC just for games after not using windows in over a year and I'm actually amazed at how clunky and invasive it is. It looks nice, that's where the good things I have to say end. I don't think the Personal in PC applies when your using MS spy n malware magnet 10. I also love all the bloatware and skype being automatically installed with even an account created without my permission upon launching it. That part really blew my mind because I never saw anything that bad before until now.

  7. Did I miss it, or did you fail to mention how it is often EXTREMELY slow, due to its Superfetch "feature", anti-malware service, and updates in the background? Not all the time, but often it slows the PC down (literally 100 times slower due to an extreme amount of HDD usage) for 5-15 minutes while "improving my PC's performance" with Superfetch service (I have disabled it, and it's been better since, but found it enabled again!?) And then the anti-malware service keeps finding (apparently) every file, program and action I do "potentially dangerous" and it seems to scan and re-scan it multiple times and compare against millions of "signatures", and it makes my PC SO SAFE that even I can't use it for 5-15 minutes while it does its damn job (seems to run upon logon, opening of a browser, and what-not).
    And there are a few other "services" (Microsoft never seems to think that it may have way too many damn services in Windows, especially Windows 10!) that start running in the background while hogging the resources like CPU and mostly HDD, to the point of making the PC useless for the duration.
    When the news of Windows 10 coming out first appeared, I said this multiple times "Yay, Windows 10 is coming! Time to switch to Linux!". Now I see that I was right about that. Never wanted to upgrade to 10, but a laptop came with 10 built-in, so I decided to give it a try anyways. Such a shame, Microsoft, as I was very excited about Windows 2000 Professional which had Win 98 SE functionality with Win NT stability, nice no-nonsense interface (normal, non-cartoony BS icons), meant to be useful, fast, stable, productive. And then they came out with XP where impressive looks and copyright protections were more important than quality. Microsoft should have simply updated Windows 2000 Pro for newer hardware, but then they couldn't charge another couple hundred bucks for a new OS.
    Microsoft products, especially Windows, and especially Windows 10, should come with a big warning label:
    "WARNING! THIS PRODUCT IS NOT RELIABLE! Not for use with any medical devices or equipment used to save or maintain lives! Known to be frequently unresponsive, to have extreme slowdowns, and downright failures. NO LIFE SHOULD EVER BE DEPENDENT ON OUR PRODUCTS, ALONE OR IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER COMPANIES' PRODUCTS!"

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