Why you lost your Windows 10 Product Key

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Goodbye, product key; hello, digital license. Learn more about the changes here. Read the article here:

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  1. i gave my Dell inspiron 15r 5537 to the service centre because it was not booting. he flashed a pirated windows 10 pro. My laptop started but my original windows is gone can i get back my windows key?

  2. It's not only "hackers" that like to resell software: it was perfectly legal and legitimate to uninstall your software and sell it to someone else. Microsoft has done this a) in a vain attempt to prevent hacking: crackers will always get around piracy blocks, but b) to kill the consumer resale market.

  3. Hi.. m planning to sell my desktop pc (excluding the Hard Drives and OS)… how do i hold on to the Windows product key…
    Should i link it to my Microsoft Outlook Account… before selling the pc??? Will that be sufficient…. or do i need to something else…
    Planning to use the Hard drives and OS for my Future Build..
    Please advise….

  4. I liked that product keys were transferrable between hardware. With no product key, once the motherboard dies (or I buy the newer, faster CPU and associated motherboard) does my copy of Win 10 go with it?

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