WiFi Wireless Security Tutorial – 2 – Linux Networking Commands

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  1. ifconfig: show all active network interfaces
    ifconfig -a : show all active and inactive network interfaces
    ifconfig [network interface] [up|down]: enable and disalble network interface
    ifconfig [network interface] [ipadress]: change ip adress
    ifconfig [network interface] netmask [adress] : change netmask
    ifconfig [network interface] hw ether [adress]: change mac adress

    iwconfig: show settings for wireless cards

  2. i can't see wlan0 or wlan1 or wlan2 ! i bought the tp link and installed it , and connected it ! i use iconfig / incofig-a /ifwland1 etc…. ! can u help me i am kinda lost ! i got the latest version of kali , with vmware player!

  3. i install kali on a virtual box the internet don't work i tray to install that package for the wifi to work still no working i can see the wifi but when i search for network is not working i put up and down not working can some one help please i can connect tru ethernet but not wifi

  4. Guys it's best to use a rasberry pi with ssh for this so you don't have to use your own computer and if you mess something up it won't really matter. Just buy a 30$ r pi and a networking card. Then you can use windows or osx and just ssh into the pi from accross the room.

  5. I am running kali in a virtual machine, but I don't see wlan0. eth0 appears with what I guess is the IP address of the VM? Is this all the information I will need?

  6. What he doesn't tell you is that you can live boot Kali on a USB and access your computer's wireless card that way. That's why it doesn't show up, btw @everyone_who_can't_find_wlan0, because it just can't use it.

  7. Is it possible that it's not possible to use MacOS as host? Running Virtual Box on it with Kali Linux is working but the TP-Link isn't working because it's not working on the host(MacOS)?

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