Win 7 works on 7yr old laptop

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This is my 7 year old XP Laptop
I used build 6956 Windows 7 x86

Compaq Presario 700
900-MHz AMD Mobile Duron CPU, 496MB of RAM, 64KB L2 cache, Windows XP Home, 14.1-inch active-matrix screen, integrated Via ProSavage KN133 graphics chip with 16MB of SDRAM, 20GB hard drive, 8X DVD-ROM drive, built-in V.90 modem and network adapter, touchpad pointing device, 7.6 pounds


  1. LOL, it's strange, i run a final version of Windows 7 on other laptop (Pentium 4 2.53 GHz, 1 GB DDR400 Memory, Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for mobile, 60 GB HDD, 32x DVD-ROM), it's have a BIG LAGS!!!, you have small lags.

  2. @HorrorCode On the Live CD many of the codecs are already there, but I had to manually install codecs for a lot of things, like LAME for MP3s and other codecs after the actual install. MP3 files wouldn't play otherwise.

  3. @Stldetrl They can be very deceptive and misleading. As far as overheating goes, you might try some thermal compound and if you can get a hold of it skip the grease and go for thermal tape, clean all the other stuff off first and make sure its properly seated. Also check your fan, is it working, is anything dusty, etc? A bios update could fix this too, but you could try something simpler like resetting the bios to the default settings, first. Just open up the bios setup page and try.

  4. @CutThroat192 I was calling the other guy a fanboy. I totally understand not being able to afford it, but you shouldn't have had to install any codecs. You should check out something like Mint which is why I pointed it out, and ignore trolls like that guy, he was only looking for another angle to flame you from.

  5. @CutThroat192 Codecs to play mp3s on linux? I realize your comment is months old, but as far back as Linux Mint 9(ubuntu based) all codes were already installed by default, and that was like 3 years ago. Fan boys need to stop trolling tbh.

  6. I just want to point out to the asshole who was trashing linux that you can easily download the codecs that play MP3s and such, but that they don't come standard is because of legal issues in some countries. Plus, most linux distros are a lot easier on the hardware because they don't have as much shit running in the background. The P4 HT machine I'm using boots in about a minute, while a modern windoze install would take at least five minutes.

  7. to my stupid brain old/slow PC run XP will increase performance more than win7(due to xp version so old and thus more regedit modified from google than win7 regedit key changed( i talk about non IT people)

  8. @ibuckyi he mean(tiny7) ==you are 1 of the 7 wonders of the you tube a' ' LOL==actually I used xp 3ghz 512Mb 1 core ram and run all right as good as win7 3G ram 2.1Mhz intel dual core

  9. @ibuckyi A Windows OS that has all the unnecessary stuff removed thast a normal Windows OS has in it. You can make your own custom tiny version of Windows by using a free program called RT Se7en Lite.

  10. excuse me..ahmm..i have toshiba tecra with running windows xp..but then i planed to upgrade into windows 7, then it is happened now my tecra a3 is running W7 but something is missing with my sound..i already update the sound card and from device manager it is ok..never seen the warning sign..but still not working if ive turn to full it's ok..but no sound coming out! please help me..

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