Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Quick Assist

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Brian Roper and Katharine Holdsworth show Windows Insiders how much easier technical support can be, with Quick Assist in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.


  1. I wonder if this is deprecated and left forgotten or MS still have plans to finish it? It's been year and a half since release and no any updates and improvements so far.

    – It desperately needs fit to window option. Remote 1080p PCs appear very little on 4K screen in both zoom options.
    – It desperately needs ability to hide remote mouse cursor.
    – It desperately needs optimizations for higher FPS and faster response.
    – It also needs file transfers.
    – Ability to lock remote inputs and make screen black would be very useful as well
    – Ability to quickly open Control Panel, Computer Management, Devices etc would be useful as well.

  2. Wow.
    Quick Assist.
    Formerly known as Remote Desktop.
    That's been possible since Windows XP:
    And I can even open a Remote Desktop sesssion on a 20-year-old laptop running Windows 95 and connect to a Windows 7 computer.
    Try that with Quick Assist

  3. Hey Katharine , you have surface pro 3 with win 10 on it, what you do about heat up issue on processor side , while using win 10…Its kind of annoying that Microsoft didn't fix that issue..

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