Windows 10 Anniversary update screen and personal comments

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Looking at the install screen for Windows 10 Anniversary update and additional comments on the install process


  1. Although the update went well, I have discovered that one program no longer works. I use a program called ClickBook from Blue Squirrel, the program worked well on Windows 10 1511, but it does not work at all in 1607. the program loads, the splash screen comes on the interface opens and then a window appears that says ClickBook has stopped.

  2. Just updating the laptop at moment (Manually ) , an in place upgrade for that machine . Nothing showing on the tablet yet so may do that manually a little later . This machine , my every day one I will upgrade a little later too . Haven't updated the insider machine yet as it hasn't been on for a few days , but will go and get the cumulative update later aswell .

    As far as my Windows 10 phone goes , I believe that the update will be available from August 9th .

    It's all update crazyness here lol .

    On a side note I am curious to see how my update of the tablet will go , considering earlier news that Windows 10 anniversary will need 2GB of ram , my tablet only has 1 GB of ram . If you beat me to updating your tablet Gilles please let me know how it went for you , or maybe do a video of it as some of your followers may need a little help updating their tablets .

    Keep up the great work Gilles , many thanks 🙂

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