Windows 10 Anniversary Update Walkthrough

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This video will introduce you to several new features and enhancements that are part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was released on 02 August 2016.

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  1. Yes sir it is very nice I could not wait I downloaded anniversary update and for me who is partially blind it is excellent due to your walk trough o downloaded it my speed is 360 virgin media 1hr download 3hr 45mins to install everything is to hand I don't have to go 10 miles into win 10 to look for something in all bloody EXCELLENT thanking you for walk through

  2. Just quietly I am suggesting a scrolling bar for the task bar so you can have multiple programs open at once and make sure the task bar is not clogged up with programs open on one desktop.

  3. * WARNING * If you use kobo or other ereaders be very careful before updating as many kobo users of different types have had driver issues that kobo still hasn't been able to fix. You may be forced to download their phone app to use as a reader for now. Kobo Can't even get it work with rolled back drivers in most cases and their technicians are still working with microsoft to fix devices including the kobo glo, and aura as well as others.
    ** specifically related to this anniversary update **

    Great walkthrough. Love the new dark app addition.

  4. it tell's Me I can't Recieve the new Windows 10 Update I have the previous Update on my Computer It Say's The Desktop Size Is Incorrect lol very funny and that stops me from Updating to windows 10 whats Microsoft Expect my screen resoluntion Size Be ON 800×600 lol I have all AMD's updates for my Video card for Windows 10 it's Windows 10 that That Has The Update Problem No us ,

  5. I recently updated to the anniversary update. Rest of the things are fine but when I restart my Laptop, the Lenovo (my laptop manufacturer) logo just appears for couple of seconds and then disappears although spinner keeps on rotating for some more time with black screen in the background. After some time laptop boots I would like to know if this is by design or this is a bug.

  6. I really appreciate youtubers who do walkthroughs, thank you so much for taking the time to go into more details and showing us how to do everything. Please keep the walkthrough vids coming as it truly is helpful. I have a request, can you do more in depth walkthroughs as far as how to do many things involving windows and all the features and the basics. Thank's

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