Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Windows Ink

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Brian Roper teams up with Li-Chen Miller to take a closer look at Windows Ink, and the work that went into making it a possibility.


  1. Saw this at my local Best Buy a few days ago, and I was absolutely amazed! Now it is even more amazing than I thought! I love it! If I am going to get a new computer, I am really going to consider one with this feature.

  2. Screen Sketch functionality is nice – what I've always wanted – more options for screen captures. I'm using a SP4, – if there were Screen Sketch for the camera much like the "Snip" program from the Microsoft garage – that would be great. The "Snip" program is nice, but a little unstable –  if this could be made more stable and incorporated into Windows 10, then the same functionality in Screen Sketch would be available when you take a picture – say from a white board or anything. Please add – thx!

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