Windows 10 ARM Raspberry Pi | Giveaway

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** update ** check my twitter for progress

Big News!!! Windows 10 arm64 on Raspberry Pi 3! Also a udoo x86 basic giveaway announcement!!!

p.s. The winner will be chosen at random! Feb 20 2018

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Raspberry Pi 3 ►
Bas Timmer ►
Windows Snapdragon ►
novaspirit tv ►

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  1. you really have some great content. I really enjoy watching the processes you implement. keep it up and "Hack 'till it hertz" 😉 I know it was bad. Hope it was enough to be considered for the giveaway

  2. I'm curious how different Win 10 IoT Core is as compared to Win 10 ARM. Obviously IoT Core has no desktop environment, but presumably the kernel and core OS functionality would be similar if not the same… I haven't looked into the ARM version of Win 10 at all though. This video is the first I've even heard of it tbh.

  3. Interesting 🙂 will be sure to see if I can get windows 10 running in a pi if you can find out more 🙂 then I can run Prtg monitoring software on a small device instead of a full pc in my home automation system…

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