Windows 10 as Fast As Possible

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What new features and capabilities can we expect from Windows 10? message: is your one stop shop for learning a variety of skills online, at your own pace.
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  1. Aaaand of course, after Windows 7 with actually quite nice optics, Win10 follows the proud Win8 tradition of ugly-as-fuck 2-color square icons. TWO colors! Like they had in the 1970s! You know, before color displays for computers were basically invented … full speed dead ahead back to the stone age.

  2. Well my alienware aurora r3, won't let me install any legacy stuff. It won't let me install ufi Linux for that matter. And before anyone says disable uefi boot from advanced start up, and bios. I don't have those options since the bios update I ran over a year ago. So matters on bios software dumb but what ever.

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