Windows 10 (Beginners Guide) 2018

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The Windows 10 operating system has been out for more than a couple years now. I still get questions on how to perform certain tasks and which settings to use within the operating system. Whether youโ€™re new to Windows 10, having just upgraded from an older operating system, recently purchased a new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed or like many have become frustrated with the macOS operating system from Apple and have finally made the switch to Windows computer. In this beginnerโ€™s…


  1. I'm still new on window 10 home but this video is life saver to me. Like my laptop eating me alive because some setting is different to me (previous PC is XP and 7). This is great help on this video. It simple to understand and not to long since because some other videos is a bit to long and eventually. I go to sleep, since I'm bit going old.


  2. too much kool aid i have every version of win from win 286 to win 10 there is a reason
    that Bill gates has so much money win 10 is just another part of it we have the win
    store we have spyware and if you do not use there software they will shut it off
    this is real good stuff
    1984 any one we went to control you
    please give your hard earned bucks to bill he needs it

  3. Hey TechGumbo, I am in search of a mouse which is great and ideal for me. I now use a mouse which I really don't like. You can suggest mice which are not RGB or led but which is easier to use. Thanks!!!!

  4. Love your channel! Not sure if you can help me with this. I recently changed over to Windows 10. I download and play hidden object games from big fish…for some reason the every few minutes the game stops..I can click on the icon for it in the task bar and it resumes where I left off..i don't lose anything it's just annoying. Any advice?

  5. If it wasn't for the fact that win 10 looks over your hard drive for information on you to [in their words] help you better I might consider it.
    However, having an OS that is essentially spyware on steroids is not my idea of fun.
    You and I discussed this here before.
    I will stop using computers before I will use windows 10.

    Oh yeah, it also monitors your browsing and interactions on webcam etc. All to give you better service of course.

  6. This was a great beginner's guide to those who are new to Windows 10. Can you believe that some of my friends didn't know what arrow peek does or if it existed. Although, there is no decent use of arrow peek in my opinion it might be useful to others.

  7. Great video I have been resting changing from win 7 to 10 this may tip the scales a little. I have been using windows since 3.1 & with all of them the end users have to reline on 3rd parties to get this kind guide to the new feathers tips & tricks in any of the new win OS's do you have any idea as to why?

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