Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

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This tutorial provides a detailed beginners guide to Windows 10. This covers the Windows 10 Start Menu, System Settings, Windows 10 Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana Digital Assistant, Task View (Multiple Desktops), File Explorer, Notification Area, Action Center, Show Desktop, and Snap Assist


  1. I can’t believe how much I just learned from you. Thank you. You also have a great voice for teaching. My husband and I went to Windows 10 class today and I was so bored we left 30 early and I didn’t learn one thing. I’m glad I found you.

  2. Windows 10 is called original Windows NSA the changed the name to Windows -> 10 in windows the the privacy is written very clear all date will be uploaded sometimes you can see the computer is uploading data every 5/days some ware !!

  3. Fuck you Windows 10. You snooping intrusive bunch of fuck bags. I can't even turnoff updates, I change it to what I want and the next fucking time it turn on my computer you force an "UPDATE" up my FUCKING ass you FUCKing jack offs. So FUCK you BIlly and all your ILK. Good bye windows. forever. Oh AND FUCK OUR GOVERNMENT.

  4. Switched my laptop back to windows 7 ultimate, about 6 girls at work asked me to install windows 7 over their 10. This is somewhat better than windows 8 which was a joke, but why didn't they build on better than worse? I don't know one person who wants 10 over 7. Microsoft has lost touch with what people want and need. HEY!!!! lets make an OS that is less intuitive!!!! LOL

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