Windows 10 Build 10240 vs Windows 10 build 10586 version 1511 Privacy settings

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It is interesting to compare the old privacy settings from July 29th release of Windows 10 to the new November update of Windows 10


  1. unfortunately,windows 10,it's just the beginning.and for this windows 10,some call plan,Microsoft has no juridictions,they will make your PC us spy ,and. I took these words from the film "the dark knight ", cause i like the joker actor.Thank you for the video,it's amazing this windows 10.i have an old version 10240 but i like it.

  2. 10240 is the best windows 10 when u enter winver its 10.0 plus it is RTM and original and its still supported and when u buy windows 10 dvd u get 10240 that is the full version whic is best 4 me

  3. I have version 10240 and whenever I select to update windows it says im up to date i even had a mirosoft take remote control of my desktop and they couldn't fit it it's driving me craxy i wanan buy a game on the store but it says I need the latest version of windows but when I try and update it says im up to date but i know im not

  4. Nice Video. I upgraded from build 10240 to 10586 and now MS Internet Spades says blocked by parental controls. I have no such controls I am aware of. Any idea what new setting would block this? Wondering if MS fixed in build 11082?

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