Windows 10 build 15007 for PC & Mobile: Windows Themes & Dynamic Scrollbar

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  1. I want to customize the start up sound again and bring back the windows XP Experience "and no not the Login Screen Sound" but literally changing the Start up sound when before entering the login screen.

  2. There not even done with 1607 yet.

    I have a strange story right here. I got a new mother board for my computer and I downloaded windows 10 1607 and my computer starts messing up. So I call up Microsoft to ask them when this going to be fixed and until then I'm switching to windows 8.1. And he said no we will get this fixed in a week or two weeks. I was okay ill just wait until then we hanged up. Later Microsoft called me back up again and now Im talking a Microsoft technician this guy would work on windows operating system for a living. And he wanted to take control of my computer over the internet and I let him do this. He tried to run a program to fix windows but didn't fix it. They are still connected to my computer but this was five day's ago.. I think they are using my computer for some testing ground's to be able to fix it and they are running programs in the back ground. And yes I know for a fact this is Microsoft there is nothing they could get from my computer.

    I pull up task manager and my solid state drive is always going at sixty percent but every thing else is normal. When I first pulled up task manager I seen NVidia streaming and Msi updater was mostly used under disk. Then a day later I pulled up task manager again its still going at sixty percent but it didn't say were it was all going to.

  3. Long time no see your video since switching to Mac last year. And i reaaally love your voice, the way you explain, and those animations. It would be perfect if more YouTuber have the same level as you for tutoring. Keep up the great work! 🙂 Windows still in my heart.

  4. I've same update on my pc but i don't gate this much thing on update. For eg: download didn't update in control bar,store option are not available on personalisation why this things are so different on the same update

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