Windows 10 Build 17618 – Sets and Tabs in File Explorer

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We’re back with another build video. This time, we’re taking a look at build 17618 with Sets and tabs in File Explorer!

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  1. It's going to be a long wait for 1809. And hey, we've all wanted tabs in File Explorer for like 20 years, so better late than never, right? What's up with all the complaining about the new tab opening Edge? The new tab in Sets is "Edge" only in the most technical sense. It's really just a launching point for opening whatever modern app you want in the new tab. It only acts like a browser (Edge) if you type in a Web search or a URL. And in that case, it would have to be Edge by default because Sets is a Windows feature, and Microsoft can only use it's own stuff to implement the feature. I tried Groupy, but this kind of thing really needs to be baked into the OS to be done properly.

  2. grose ill turn it off then i expected another instance of the same app to show up when opening a new tab not edge if you could copy a instance or duplicate that would be nice but also edge and my programs wel thats way to confusing not a fan off that sounded great expected much got disapointed lets hope the actual build for consumers is better otherwise i wil stop open more file explorer's by right clicking file explorer and have my frequently go places pinned

  3. So is this the ultimate outcome of them trying to replace the desktop by putting my running programs in the edge browser?

    Are you out of your f-ing minds?

    Just improve the damn operating system and stop with this outsourced Indian bullshit.

  4. Glad in settings it's just referred to as "Tabs in Apps". I think they need to make this feel as natural as opening new tabs in a browser. It may get more notice from users because everybody uses tabs in their browser already, compared to virtual desktops which are better in a few ways but it's hard for users to learn about them

  5. Looks like I'm sticking with Groupy. Who at Microsoft thought that New Tab in File Explorer should open fucking Microsoft Edge? When I'm in File Explorer and want a new tab, I want it to be another File Explorer… not a damn web browser. This just seems like a way for Microsoft to up the usage rate of Edge because it's another failed browser. What a waste of such potential in a feature.

  6. We all know Edge is not famous like Chrome or Mozilla and Microsoft needs to improve it, but that does not mean Microsoft has to stuff edge in each and every application! This is just stupid. Thank God it can be disabled!!

  7. Folks go watch the recent video on this channel, about Windows Core. Basically the start menu has a limited life for the general consumer. Everything is going mobile unless you manually set windows to the legacy win32. So ALL software you have right now, is considered outdated aka outmoded. You're all running rusted out junk. In a few years we'll be seeing a lot of experimental new interfaces. To prepare the world for better streaming technologies and quicker functions within apps, as well as apps working together instead of completely separate.

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