Windows 10 Comes Free to Developers Using Raspberry Pi 2

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Microsoft announced it will offer Windows 10, the latest version of its desktop operating system, free to users of the new Raspberry Pi 2 mini-computer later this year. The news comes as the Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled its new board, which features a quad-core chip and double the memory as its predecessor. Plus, the Pi 2 will retain the $35 price tag. Kevin Dallas, general manager of Microsoft Windows Internet of Things Group, said in a Windows blog post, ‘Raspberry Pi has quickly…


  1. It wont be a "Windows 10 OS" on the Pi in any kind of traditional sense.  It will be the "Internet of Everything" framework enabled underpinnings that the Pi will be able to access.  It does not mean we will be running something like Windows 10 RT at all.  Complete misinformation by yet another College educated idiot.  That this is aimed directly at DEVELOPERS should tell people something.  The Pi already has an OS called Ubuntu Snappy that has the same traits but is available now.

  2. The ras pi ethos is to for the device to mainly be a teaching tool. So people learn about computers by tinkering. How running non-open, clogged software like Win10 will aid this, I have no idea. It doesn't matter if you aren't actually eligible for a free copy of windows if you just do the sane thing and stick with linux!

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