Windows 10 Creators Update Demo

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Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, 2017. It is a free update for Windows 10 users, and hosts several new features, such as: Paint 3D, Beam streaming for games, Game Mode, eBook support in Edge, Dynamic Lock, Night Light, Windows Defender Security Center, and more.



  1. Hey, everyone. Enjoy the TidBytes demo! If you want to share a feature that we didn't talk about go for it! Let us know what your favorite features are too, and feel free to ask any questions.

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    P.P.S. (Ken talking here) sorry if my voice doesn't sound as good as usual. I'm recovering from another crappy illness. Go me! : )

  2. The New tabs feature on edge needs to be a replacement for bookmarks, otherwise we are seeing features  junked on top of another, creating another Microsoft messy interface.
    For every new feature, an old less optimal feature should be taken away.
    I'm kind of sick of Microsoft giving up more running feature to eat up all are memory.
    I have an amazing computing system, but if I'm installing windows, it would be responsible for me to take  out features and turning off automatic updates.
    Just because there so much junk that Microsoft has to support all at once. I will say something vary profound and true.
    "Give us a better windows, Not more windows.

  3. I have a issue with my windows 10 home edition, whenever I click on the network and sound icons on the taskbar it have a delay also happens when I go to settings and click anything there!

  4. +Computer Clan Hi! After getting the update my laptop started acting up a lot! My labels for folders were empty and there were no names in the folders and documents were not opening and it was running super slow when turning it on. But only once I restart it it works fine again. Do you know what is going on?

  5. microsoft fluent design is going to be awesome if they do it right
    win32 style was great and all but that shit is starting to get very old plus it is not that userfriendly if you consider windows to be the best it has to be used by EVERYONE with no problem. like macs.

  6. Game Mode WILL DEGRADE PERFORMANCES no matter what microsoft claims.
    See the LinusTechTips benchmark about W10 game mode. This is not a feature, this is a malware. And you even can't really disable it.

  7. I do not know how I lived without Creators update. 20 years Microsoft was not be able to make decent media player or photo viewer, but they think that those childrens toys can attract us. I stay on Win 7 til they make serious OS.

  8. Why open programs have that big ugly looking rectangle box in the task bar instead of just a underline on the app is that new in windows creator update?

  9. Why are people complaining about telemetry? It's the future anyways. Even your Android phones has Google apps on it, and it's a huge telemetry aspect.

  10. does Windows Media Player remember its size and location yet? in Windows 7 I could position and size Windows Media Player and it would remember it with Windows 10 it keeps going to a default size and location which is irritating.

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