Windows 10 Creator’s Update Resolution and Refresh Rate Problem

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Before updating to Windows 10 Creator’s update there was no problem it was working fine.

After Creator’s update when I change my refresh rate to 75Hz I have to go Display Settings → Display Adapter Properties → Monitor and I have to change the refresh rate there also.

But when I change to refresh rate to 75Hz on Monitor menu, resolution converts to 640×480 automatically and if I change to resolution to 1920×1080 again the refresh rate becomes 60Hz again.

There was no problem before I…


  1. I have a problems with my 60Hz monitor, in windows display settings I see only 59Hz, in games like BF1, I have freezing, fps drops, I resolve my problem with next method, just go to Nvidia Control Panel, and make customize settings for your display, for your situation, change it to 75Hz, and apply settings, after that go to windows display settings and use 75Hz, just try it

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