Windows 10 Creators Update Tip: Replacing PowerShell with CMD in the Context Menu

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The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update replaces CMD with PowerShell in the Context Menu, and that might be annoying for a lot of you. This video shows you how to replace PowerShell with the classic CMD option in the Creators Update via a few registry tweaks.

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  1. Thanks a lot man, you saved me from PowerShell <3
    Even though PowerShell seems like a better replacement for CMD it is not, it has a powerful language though but lot of us are used to CMD anyways… and PowerShell was first introduced in Windows Vista if I'm not mistaken! So yeah, anyways Thank you 🙂

  2. didn't work. I did everything exactly how you did it and when I SHift+right click i still only get powershell and command prompt doesn't show up, do i need to restart my computer

  3. Thank you very much friend, I broke my head to use the cmd by the shortcut by pressing Shift and the right mouse button. After this update of Windows 10 Creators Update only appears the option to use command by Powershell. But thanks to your tutorial you now have the option to use cmd command in the context menu.

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