Windows 10 Creators Update

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This video shows you how to force the install of the latest version of Windows 10, called the Creators Update, or called Build 1703, or called Version 10.0.15063, or called RedStone 2… It’s all the same – it just has four different names!

Windows 10 users will be getting this update automatically over time, however, if you don’t want to wait, this video shows you how to get it now.

To create updated Windows 10 bootable installation media (USB or DVD) for fresh/new installs, please follow…


  1. MIcrosoft is abusing it's monoppoly situation. Privacy setting should default in your favor not in the favor of corperate criminals. Send a few of the crooks to jail, that will make them amend their ways. Hope Trump does something like that

  2. I knew there was a reason why I haven't installed Windows 10 yet, this is THE reason. At least when I eventually install it, after Windows 7 finishes in 2020 and Windows 8.1 finishes in 2023, then I'll install 10. Of course, there is the fact that Windows 8.1 is not that different from 10, at least on the face of it.

    What the heck, I might as well get 10 in 2020 and cut out 8.1 altogether. I will have to keep one of my PCs on Windows 7 because I have some old games that can't run on 10 but which, fortunately, are completely offline, so I won't have any security issues and that PC can still happily run Windows 7 for years.

    My Home Theater PC will eventually have to go onto 10 because it will be permanently connected to the internet. This video was very informative in that it solidified my planning for the eventual shift of most of my PCs to Windows 10.

  3. I waited very patiently for months for this to roll out, and I got nothing. So I just force-installed it. It runs fine on my tablet. I should run great on the desktop I just built this year.

  4. Just a head's up, guys and gals. Everything went well with this update. However, check to make sure that System Restore is 'On' . Mine was off. Reminds me of when this was happening like crazy when Win 10 was 1st released.

  5. Every 8 months of this upgrading will be very annoying for me because the update changes many settings and preferences back to default. It also adds all of the useless apps from the Windows store that I took the time to uninstall when I first got Windows 10. I wish Microsoft would just take the time to get all of their new features and fixes into one last upgrade and leave Windows 10 alone with only minor updates. Reinstalling the whole operating system every 8 months is ridiculous.

  6. It floors me that in this modern age we are still searching for programs. That's Windows 3.1 days. Why go back in time, instead of thinking….oh wait…because Microsoft.

  7. This has been a total train wreck for my small, solid state system (running off a built-in 32GB flash drive) – since the Windows update process repeatedly fails with some depressingly vague error messages. After doing some research and posting a question to the Microsoft Community they recommended a procedure to expand the small, hidden "system reserved" partition on the flash drive – but even after more than doubling its size – so far that hasn't worked at all.

    (Yeah, I've also run the normal and system flavors of "disk cleanup" repeatedly too, with no impact to fixing the problem. The 28GB partition that Windows is mostly running from has over 10GB free – so this is not just a simple "out of disk space" problem. The "system reserved" partition was initially 350MB with 66MB free, but even after expanding it to 720MB – the "show stopper" problem remains).

    Given that all the netbooks and small, solid state (school) laptops that my family has are also using the same 32GB flash drive configuration (even though each of them has larger amounts of storage on separate SD cards) – I don't think any of them will be able to process any further Windows updates until this Creative Update can be made to work.

    I wish that Microsoft had packaged this update so it would work on the many "small" systems that Windows is packaged with these days – by breaking it up into a series of smaller steps if necessary. At the very least they should make the update process try to fix the issues it is running into itself, rather than leaving it as an exercise for the user to try to figure out how to fix this mess. Frankly, the procedure that I was pointed to by the knowledgeable experts on the Microsoft Community will be way beyond what most non-technical Windows users would be comfortable doing manually.

    I hope Microsoft has a plan for how to fix this for the hundreds of thousands of "small" Windows machines that simply won't be able to apply this update!

  8. i updated and now my laptop crashes
    i had to roll back my intel dual band wireless ac 5136 driver back to a version from 2016 (18. something) and i had to reinstall my nvidia 940MX and intel 520 drivers again since i kept getting a glitch looking like my gpu was failing
    plus i'm getting a critical blue screen now plus my google chrome freezes up and i have to do end task on every single google chrome service (which is about 15 for me) then reinstall it (without uninstalling it first since i have some add ons that aren't on the google add on's anymore) and it works fine for about 2 hours then it does it all again

  9. Carey Holzman I love you man Down Loading it now just took 3 days your like my personnel computer repair man I can't tell you how many times you have helped me Just wanted to say Thank You

  10. You don't have to get any Windows 10 updates, when you get upgraded just roll back and it will ask you why you are rolling back, just select something like it affected my performance and it will never ask you to upgrade again. I'm still using version 10.0.10525.

  11. Carey;  first off, you are the best when it comes to every little detail!  Really!  For those of us who have had computers since the first Texas Instruments, but just now building our first computer, you are the number one go to guy!  Just updated the BIOS on my first build a few minutes ago watching your video.  Went without a hitch and can't wait to load the OS tomorrow.Like others, didn't want to leave my XP, then went to win 7 pro and now giving win 10 a shot.  We will see if I am impressed or ready to throw in the garbage like Millennium, Vista, 8 and 8.1.  Time will tell, lol!

  12. I was screwing around with my pc and ended up needing to reinstall windows 10… I wondered why the installation process was different. Cortana is a nuisance.

  13. Wasn't able to update this way. When comes to first boot only bluescreen. Had to create windows media on usb and do clean reinstall. I think the reason is in nvne storage. After updating windows can't find boot device. Problem is in taichi x99 motherboard; doesn't see m.2 It works, boots, but is invisible. That's why can't raid0 two m.2 on Taichi, what was easy on Asrock z170 oc formula. Now I've new Win10. Working good. Only missing control panel. Some new usefull futures. I like it.

  14. Unfortunately, every time I have tried the suggested method, after downloading andit says 'preparing the update' it falls over with an error message to the effect that the files are corrupt (corrupt installation files). Maybe it will work when ot installs of its own accord.

  15. I shiver with fear when Windows releases a new update. Something always breaks after it, either the external audio card, the PCIe wifi/bluetooth card, monitor/TV scaling, display drivers… I hope this one won't make me troubleshoot anything.

  16. As I said, I got hold of this and found it carries a
    different email so I lost all my emails from the previous version; it never
    imported even one. I had issues with sound the Microsoft trouble-shooter is as
    useless as it has been and could not find the problem. I soon got fed up with
    this and rolled back my P C to the previous version which took about 5minutes.
    Before downloading, it did say my P C was compatible. I hope they fix these
    problems before they insist I have to have it.

  17. Carey….I have noticed some other videos that say that the Creators build re-installs dumb games like "Farmville" and "Candy Crush Saga" …that I have deleted. Since I have 2 SSD's and 3 HDD's , is this going to be a problem, when I currently run Windows off the SSD, and have moved all my Desktop, documents, photos, downloads, to another HDD drive?

  18. downloaded and installed windows 10 creators update and it took 80 minutes to complete and only 2 problems. It did not find my second hard drive and a usb device which is my tv device to watch tv on my pc both easy to sort out.

  19. Carey Thank You for this it is needed for the new people who will not understand what is going on. I have shared this in Discord – Tweeter and Face Book and friends are sharing and Retweeting it also . GREAT JOB — Thanks — Also First 65 or Older — Plz Every one Share this to everywhere

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