Windows 10 Cumulative Update Hangs Error – Solution!

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Windows 10 Cumulative Update Hangs Error – Solution!

With the Anniversary upgrade many have seen that the computer update might hang on 48% or 96% or another percentage. This is because of the way the cumulative update system works based on previous updates being included in the hundreds of MB update file. In this case it was cumulative update KB3189866 – but this video applies to others too.

In this video we show you how to resolve the issue by manually installing the cumulative update…


  1. 12/4/17 I fixed the KB4048954 update that failed installation several times. Windows update was saying that my pc was at risk because important updates needed to be installed. I updated my windows 10 version from 1703 to the latest 1709 version in the windows update link. It took 3hrs and 15mins but Microsoft installed everything that needed to be installed and rebooted my pc. I immediately checked my updates and everything was up tp date and my pc is no longer at risk. Check to see if you have the lastest version of windows 10. If not then update to lastest version 1709 at this time. Go to: settings-system- about – and read the specs for your pc and look for your windows 10 version. Hope this helps.

  2. I want to know if I can just double click launch KB3197954. msu file.
    I'm coming directly from build 14393.0, it seems the progress is stuck though, am I doing it right? Can I just take any CU. msu package and run it?
    And after that can I download smaller incremental updates?

  3. win10is fu.. joke and shit It is the worst os ever. Every day it is some update and i have problem with them. First installing and when rebooting the system come out update. And what can i do. ? i am exosted and tired of w10

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I suggest you STAY AWAY from this update KB3189866. It applied on my Dad's laptop this morning and suddenly he was unable to open his start menu and his volume slider would not appear when he clicked on his speaker icon. It was also impossible to right-click anything on the task bar and use any of the options, such as "Run as Administrator". Basically the task bar did not do ANYTHING besides start an app on the task bar that you double clicked on. Right clicking the start button icon did bring up the usual system stuff. Oh, and clicking on the clock did nothing. I managed to right click on the task bar and get settings to pop up. I immediately went to updates and uninstalled the KB3189866 update and rebooted. Every then worked again. I have been using Windows since version .99 Beta (before version 1). I hate Bill Gates.

  5. the windows 10 anniversary update destroyed my hard drive. Microsoft refused to help me. Had to buy new hard drive and geek squad support at Best Buy .all in all costing my $400… .very pissed off how this update is ruining people's computers… currently reseaching suing Microsoft… Read a travel agent sued over same issues and Microsoft settled for $100000… .

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