Windows 10- Dark Black Theme

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  1. I did all the steps correctly and when it came time to selesct the theme it said "pleas wait" for a good 15 seconds while there were error sound in the background and then there was an error which i couldnt read because it disappeared so quickly and then everythinh went gray
    PLS HELP ME!!!

  2. i have some question good sir…i hope you can answer them..:)

    1. will this still work today? what i mean is will it work with build 10586 without having any problems in the future updates?
    2. will microsoft office applications like Word will be affected by this? like having the blank page also black..? i hope not

  3. Excellent video! It worked for me the first time I tried it. I was elated until not more than a few days after when windows updated itself. I went through the steps again an still not working. Any suggestions?

  4. Too much clicking and clacking to be taken seriously. How about a simple installer package, simple. None of this hacking crap. I don't trust the software seems fishy and full of malware or "tool bars". I could be wrong, but thats the impression I get.

  5. Unfortunately the software recognizes my system as Windows 8.1, even though I'm on Windows 10 – 1511. It says my windows version is incompatible with the installer and won't let me continue. I did the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 some months ago. Is there a way to somehow force the installation?

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