Windows 10 : Deleting Temporary Files

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Step by Step Procedure to clear temporary files in Windows 10.
Easy and Accessible Windows 10 allows you to delete temporary files, setup files and recycle bin from one window.


  1. i opened up my temp files on my laptop for the firs time in 3 years, since i've had it and i only have 7 files, and from what i see they're all dated from today, i think when i run ccleaner it helps me delete them and i had no idea i was doing that haha

  2. Hi,
    I have been getting virus alert on my anti-virus… but everytime I remove the virus it comes back!
    the route to that virus is in C drive: Program Data: Temp: ( there are 6 folders and when I open it I see the "PostBuild File & Setup file" "<36kb & 313kb respectively>" it is almost same content in all 6 Folders )

    My question is , Is it safe to delete all these 6 folders from the TEMP Folder?

  3. Is Microsoft run by stoners or are they just THIS incompetent? I have seen this all over the internet,,,NO ONE can delete their temp files since "updating" ( Yeah, some update) to window 10,,,which looks like 8 with a little 7 in to actually make it usable. Farce,,wish these geeks would pull their heads out of their Gaming long enough to FIX THIS SHIT!!!

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