Windows 10 Demo (Technical Preview)

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CHECK OUT OUR NEW WINDOWS 10 DEMO (9926 January Technical Preview):

Learn about Windows 10 in less than 10 minutes! Observe the beginning’s of Microsoft’s strategy to create a single platform for many types of devices.

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  1. it have less Technical problems if the start menu wont stop crashing another operating system whats been created with more bugs im still on Windows XP best windows ever since then microsoft gone down hill more and more and more since after XP also enough to eat up the processor dont need sooooo much graphical data and memory just to run an operating system

  2. No Windows 7 service pack 2 ever coming from Microsoft. Should be forced
    by law to provide security service packs for the lifetime of the buyer –
    let alone just the support time of the OS.

  3. What if you're not a computer technician?  Sheesh!  this is so confusing.  The last windows upgrade I lost my easy accessible history and now it's seems I'm loosing my favorites list.  Will Microsoft pay for an in home tutor?

  4. I really like how users (mainly desktop/laptop users) HATED the metro start screen in Windows 8/8.1. Now almost EVERYONE is hating on Windows 10 even when it has an actual start menu with tiles (unlike Windows 8/8.1), an actual Notification/Action Center, quadruple window snapping, DirectX 12 support, and many more. About that Windows 10 privacy rumor, 90% bullsh*t! Apple and Google's smartphones (iPhones and Androids), laptops (Chromebooks and MacBooks), and all of their other devices spy on you, and yet you people don't care. I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but I just can't understand how people can not like an operating system that bought back the features that made it the most used OS worldwide (Windows 10) whereas people despised the predecessor of an OS (Windows 8).

  5. im on windows 8.1 with vista browerser bahavoir its 1 click fast when u have more explores open they are show on the bar so i click easy on it with 1 click windows 10 i have to do 2 clicks so bad useless is it the new w10

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