Windows 10 Disable, Uninstall, Prevent And Delay Updates

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Windows 10 Disable, Prevent, Uninstall And Delay Updates

Windows 10 has changed the update system where users must download all updates and there is very little freedom to delay update downloads and installs.

This video shows how to ensure that Windows prompts before it downloads and installs updates. In this video we also show how to uninstall an update and also prevent updates from installing.

So, with the techniques in this video we can go back to almost the way it was in Windows 7…

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  1. Thank you sir for showing the options, but I miss the option "1 – Never search for updates", which is still possible in Win8.1.. I'd rather do it once a month manually.. This W10 automatic update policy s*cks, shame on you M$!!  The option to completely disable the WU service seems the best to me, but by this reason I'm not really a fan of W10 and I'll never be..

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