Windows 10 Dis[play Settings for Wide Screen Projectors – Dell Venue 10

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Display Settings for Windows 10 when connected to a Wide Screen Projector.
Make sure you have connected your tablet to your projector using a HDMI cable and the Aspect ratio on the Projector is set to either Full or Native


  1. hello there,whenever i connect my laptop with the projector it only shows the image of window 10 logo on the the second screen. i have checked every setting option but it still remains the same. any idea?

  2. Thank you so much for doing this video tutorial. It is very helpful. Unfortunately, I still have problems, and in need a lot of help. I do PowerPoint presentation. When I hook up my laptop to the projector using VGA, there's NO problem with the way the projector screen got filled up. But here's where I have problem: but when I hook up my laptop to projector using HDMI, my presentation doesn't get to fill up the entire projector screen. In other word, the size of my presentation got SHRINK (like the example you show in this video tutorial). I have followed the steps in this tutorial, it still did not solved my problem. On the projector screen, both sides and the top and the bottom of the projector screen still has the space. But the minute I use VGA, there's no problem, my presentation fill up the entire the projector screen. SO HELP PLEASE. What did I do wrong. Thank you.

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