Windows 10 Double upgrade Story 1703 then 1709 in the same day on old Dell PC

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Nothing like going from Ann. update to Creators update and then Fall Creators update on the same day !


  1. That is funny! I'm glad you have other computers to have fun on while the old one is busy 🙂  I understand why you can't see people having to wait hours. I had to wait ~12 hours for the Fall CU to update things, on my only computer, ugh!

  2. Hi Gill this was interesting double Upgrade or double problem but this is not good at all. There will be problems for less experienced computer users. I think it's very strange procedure it might be a bug or not but it this should not be like this. I do not like upgrades anyway, i always making a clean install of Windows, even though it's a hard work. Take care Gill and have lovely evening in canada, here it is early morning 03.40 up early i am.

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