Windows 10: Enterprise Features & Core Experience for Businesses

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On Sept 30 Microsoft had a media briefing to begin the process of educating enterprises and businesses about the core design of Windows 10, which will be available broadly in late 2015. This video describes how businesses can evaluate the software starting now. (FOR CONSUMERS: the exciting features will be revealed in 2015!)


  1. Why all of this not need things. I need a os with clear net speed without all of this auto tasks eat my core and the internet. Just to set up my programs and manualy run them. To many rubbish eat the core. ram, and most the internet power.
    I need a fast, clear, power os. I try to go in XP but there is no driver to upgrade my resolution to 1900X1050.

  2. In "a mobile first, cloud first world"?

    Despite all the nicey nice speech, he who possesses your Data owns your Data. Period. Those who ignore that fact do so at their own risk.

  3. I have just updated to Windows10 from Windows7. I skipped the 8's because I tried them and they were shit. I hoped Microsoft would solve the 8's problems, with the tiles, apps and all that useless shit that nobody wants or needs. No such luck. I found myself with such a BIG disappointment of an OS after it booted up. It's sterile, counter intuitive, ugly, buggy. I will go back to Windows 7. I am very sad tho. I know they fucked up for good this wonderful experience that has been Windows OS, till 7. I know they won't make it good as it was. It will only get worse and worse. Honestly, I got sick to my stomach after using Windows 10 for a couple of hours. Almost every nice aspect that made your life easier in W7, striped, changed, disappeared, made worse: Visuals, usability, intuitiveness, accessibility..all ruined. I wonder if Bill Gates likes this shit approach to his legacy. Shame.. Now I now why Windows 10 upgrade is free: Because nobody would pay shit for it.

  4. Sweet, but PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Internet Explorer! It is so laggy and confusing compared to Chrome. 


  5. В Microsoft опять обосрались. Windows 10 это могильная плита.
    PS. Вы посмотрите на новую иконку проводника, это же деградация.

  6. for those person who thinks WNDS is boring for gaming, GET A LIFE!
    WNDS is doing well the way I see it. thrs a lot more than just playing games.
    if you like gaming well get your self an ALIENWARE (goodluck with price).

    kudos for WNDS.

  7. Multiple desktops is a feature I was hoping to see added to the Windows OS. I've seen it in Linux distributions and I congratulate you for adding it. Windows seams to now be moving in the right direction.

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