WINDOWS 10 fall creators update 7700k 5 ghz + gtx 1080ti+3600mhz ram 16gb cpu cores unparked

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hello i tried the fall creators update just now ( coming from 1607 )
its bad … it reparked my cpu cores , so i unparked them shut down back ground stuff + shut xbox stuff + dvr windows back ground apps to off ( nomral tweaking )
windows power plan to high
nvidia power plan to high

heres the result full server amiens 64 player cpu graph is on
msi after burner is on

7700k 5 ghz 1.37v ht on ( delided )
16gb g.skill rgb 3000mhz @ 3600mhz oc cl-16
msi gtx 1080ti founders edition (…


  1. I get similar performance as you with a 8700k, 1080ti. fps drops in the exact same places you get them e.g 1:43. I do get stutter but can eliminate it by use RamMap and emptying the standby list every match. Shouldn't have to do this and performance is way off

  2. a month ago i built my new gaming pc with ryzen 5 1600 16 gb of ram and gtx 1060 6gb installed windows 10 fall creators(1709) everygame works perfect exept bf 1 wich keeps crashing sometimes in like 5 mins and sometimes can last up to 3 hours i clean installed windows 10 1709 and does the same(everything up to date)

  3. Greetings from Russia! I have the exact SAME computer as you. And exactly the same problem. The monitor I have 165 HZ with G-SYNC, but I think the problem is not due to G-SYNC, and Windows 10 fall creators update…I read on different forums that thousands of gamers are struggling with this problem for 8 months, but never found a 100% solution to the problem…(((((( only Helps to reinstall the old version of windows 10 (build 1607) and then disable the service "Windows update". Very disappointing( I bought such an expensive computer and can't play it. I have tried so many things, nothing helps……..If anyone finds a solution – PLEASE email me in response to this comment on youtube!!! thank you!

  4. Hi Bass Junkie, I have viewed several times your video and the whole down commentary below. I understand by your own tests you tried out a lot to solve this and that the very solution is to go on windows 8.1. I am gonna do that quite soon because as you and many of us, we suffered too long about this damn crap 1709 windows 10 update. I was running my game perfectly on Windows 7 professional N, when I just got Windows 10 professional N, it started stutters rough on the game. (I74790K, 16gb ram, 1080 TI Nvidia). Thanks for your knowledge and your help, I will keep you aware about new installation. Sorry for my english.

  5. Same issue with new Fall creators update, I didn't have any issues for like 7 months, everything ran smoothly without stutters.. I cannot go back to earlier versions as I deleted windows.old folder.. useless updates that make windows worse and worse, windows 8.1 pro is still the best version in my opinion, the only reason why upgraded was dx12 which is hardly used in any game.

  6. It's sad that this is happening even with new, high-end hardware! I was thinking I was getting the spikes because my hardware include a FX-8320, a Sapphire RX 560 2GB, 8GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator GT RAM, and an ADATA 128GB SSD w/ my OS and BF1 on it and about 1.5TB of storage of several HDDs. Just absolutely ridiculous if the only fix ends up being a fresh install 1709. So far, a friend I play with (using a Ryzen 1600X) re-installed 1709 fresh yesterday and had no problems at all last night. DA FUQ MICROSOFT?!?

  7. Maybe you could try this. It was a solution for me in BF4, might work in BF1. I was running BF4 from a SSD. However I also had a HDD. For some reason BF was accessing the HDD from time to time for no reason. Making sure the HDD never went to sleep fixed my stuttering in BF4.

  8. looks like I am rolling back to 1607 update. Now I have to do a fresh install of everything because Microsoft a billion dollar company are incompetent of fixing this issue for 6 months

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